Canada’s Democracy? (Grade 11)

Take a look at the photo linked here of Canada’s Prime Ministers. Based on what you see and what we discussed in class, what do the common characteristics of these leaders suggest about Canada’s historical development? Does it say anything?

Please be clear, concise, and respectful. If you have any questions regarding assessment criteria, please see or email me.

Section 5, you need to blog prior to class on Monday, September 13, 2010. Section 3, you need to blog by Tuesday, September 14, 2010.

Photo taken from: Parliament of Canada website


39 thoughts on “Canada’s Democracy? (Grade 11)

  1. The Prime Ministers/Presidents of our country, and our friends to the south have up until Obama have always been old white aristocrats. Canada's Prime Ministers have either been of French or British decent, and this is unlikely to change for many years.

  2. Canada's historical development is closely related to the Constitutional Monarchy we have today in Canada. After the colonization of Canada, all other ethnicities were domineered by British rule and this has instilled a quite intolerant mindset amongst Canadians. By looking at the pictures it is evident that all Prime Ministers, except for one Kim Campbell, have been older looking Caucasian men. We as Canadians may be looked upon as tolerant of other races and ethnicities, but by looking upon who has had ultimate rule of Canada since confederation it is clear we might not be as tolerant of other ethnicities as everyone thinks. I mean we did put Japanese people in Canada into internment camps. After all, Canada has yet to elect a Prime Minister of African American or Asian decent. I mean it took America over 225 years just to elect their first African American president. How long will it take Canadians to take the same step? Will we continue to allow this trend to go on unnoticed and surpass the Americans extreme record, or will we show how tolerent we really are in the future.

  3. Canada's current and past Prime Ministers have all been wealthy, Caucasian males (except for Kim Campbell), and of mostly British, and somewhat French decent. This shows that Canada is still quite linked to Britain, and even though we are a very multicultural nation, we still need to show that respect in some fields. However, many political offices are beginning to have officeholders of different ethnicities. For example, Governor General Michaëlle Jean is Haitian, and Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, Philip S. Lee, is Chinese. However, possibly more important than their ethnicity is what these people stand for. Even though Canada has many political parties, there has never been a Prime Minister who has been from neither the Conservative, nor Liberal parties. In this way we are quite like Britain which has been dominated by the Conservative, and Labour parties since the 1920s.

  4. While Canada is considered to be a "mosaic" country, otherwise implying that many different ethnicities live and stand out within the country’s boundaries, there is and has been a lack of diversity among Canada's leaders. All of Canada's Prime Ministers to date have been of European decent, and all but one have been male. The repetitive nature of Prime Ministers in Canada may speak to a subconscious idea that older Caucasian men symbolize power and leadership. This idea could stem from the fact that the majority of Canadian citizens are of French or English decent, and our Prime Ministers are a reflection of our society. It is also accepted that better decisions often coincide with experience, or age. This may be the reason younger people are not often found in office, especially in the role of Prime Minister where to date only older people have run. Whether or not political conventions will shift in the near future is unknown. If the ethnic reign is broken I believe Canada will be seen even more so as a country that is hospitable and accepting of ethnicities other than European, to the point of allowing them to make decisions alongside conventional political bigwigs.

  5. Canada's history shows that the Canadian government is not open to change. We have a geverment formed of mostly caucasian men and not until recently, we have had some women and other ethnicities entering the house of commons. This shows that Canadian government is not completely open to change. The prime ministers were all of either French or British decent which makes the Canadian people believe that the government isnt accepting change. The United States have broken their cycle of caucasian presidents, Canada should be able to break the cycle even easier because Canada is known to be welcoming to people of every ethnic background. Sure Canada has developed but it is at a point where it is one step behind the 21st century.

  6. The majority of Canada's Prime Ministers have been comprised of wealthy Caucasian men. These common characteristics suggest that Canada's historical development has also been strongly influenced by people of the same description and that the opinions and traditions of the Aboriginals have not been given as much representation as they should have. Although Canada is viewed as being very multi-cultural, there is still a great deal of change that needs to take place in order to work towards a true democracy and appreciation for the cultural diversity in our country. Ultimately, it is our responsibility as the future generation to reflect on what we have learned and evoke the change that we envision.

  7. All of Canada's Prime Ministers are Caucasian, wealthy, elderly and men (with the exception of one woman for about 4 months). These common characteristics show that the country hasn't really developed politically. Its power has always been in the hands of the same group of people. We welcome people of every ethnicity, but the power stays with the same group of people.

  8. The past and present Canada's Prime Ministers are white elderly wealthy Caucasian men, with the one exception of Kim Campbell, Canada's only female Prime Minister. This shows that the power has stayed in the hands of these selected people. The country has not really developed politically because the power has just stayed the same. As we Canadian's welcome people from all different parts of the world, the power never changes in Canada's Prime Minsters.

  9. Canada prides itself on being a country that is accepting, compassionate and culturally diverse. It is interesting however that after looking at past prime ministers of our country, this group does not reflect the "cultural mosaic" of Canada. The past and current prime ministers are all older Caucasian men with the exception of one woman who served a short term in office. I believe that the similarities found within the group of prime ministers proves that although Canada is perceived as a diverse nation, those in high power positions have hardly varied over our history. This could be attributed to the notion that humans are fearful of change but also shows that although our country as a whole may be fairly diverse, the power is still held by a very select group of upper class citizens. As more woman and ethnic people take on political jobs, I believe that Canada will eventually see a break from the stereotypical prime ministers of the past.

  10. Especially in the past 15 years, Canada has made a huge effort to promote itself as an accepting nation and most governmental offices have been fair in this matter, appointing people of all races to a wide range of positions. However it seems that we have failed in our efforts when it comes to appointing national leaders. Until recently, our nation has prevented everyone except rich, older white men from even applying for the highest positions in government, leaving them instead to the lower clerical positions if they were even hired. The first criteria that seem to be unofficially necessary in order for one to become Prime Minister are fairly self-explanatory: if one's family is financially well-prepared, they are more likely to be well-educated. This will give them more opportunities later in life. If a person is older, they will have had more experience than someone who is younger. However it seems that for the most part, white men are infinitely more likely to be chosen for the position of Prime Minister. As much as we try to make ourselves believe that we are accepting, we as a culture have a subconscious tendency to mistrust black people and women. This can be traced back to the Romans, who only considered white men to be citizens. These traditions continued through many centuries and cemented the positions of black people and women as inferior. Although we are trying to convince ourselves to the contrary by accepting anyone with the necessary qualifications to governmental positions, older white men will always have the upper hand in elections.

  11. the past 15 years ofprime ministers have been smart Caucasian men except for Kim Cambell, but there is a problem with how these people get into power. Too become your party's candiate you need to have your party vote you into the running, but when ever there is another person trying to run for prime minister in the party there is conflict among party memebers and the people with the most votes will get elected into power. But there are few poeple in political parties that actually follow there suggestion for the country. But the commmon citizen will continue to vote them into power because they fear what might happen if another race gets into power. People prefere to have there race in power because then they are favoured a little more than the rest of the population.

  12. On both a national and international level Canada promotes itself and is viewed as a culturally diverse and accepting nation. In most facets of society this is absolutely true. However, when it comes to the country's most powerful position, the Prime Minister, the position has always been held by very small demographic. Nobody but a wealthy, caucasian man of British or French descent has ever been elected to be the Prime Minister. This has affected Canada's history in many ways. The main thing that it has done is that Canada has not developed socially as much as it could have. The reason that the power has not moved from this group is actually quite an innocent one and not because of any sort of systemic racism as other people have suggested. The type of person who is most likely to go into politics is someone who is wealthy. The wealthiest people are always going to be the families that have been established within a society for a long time. For this reason, it is less likely that an immigrant, whether Eastern European, Asian, or African, would go into politics and subsequently become the Prime Minister. British and French men have dominated Canadian politics largely because they are the demographic with the most wealthy people

  13. When looking at the history of Canada's Prime Ministers, a pattern clearly appears. They are all men (except for Kim Campbell), they are all white and they are from either British or French descent. From this pattern it may seem that Canada's government is stuck in a rut when it has come to who is allowed to run and perhaps even become Prime Minister. However, we must also look at the influencing factors that had a great impact on Canada's political system especially when the country was first colonized. Since Canada was originally colonized by the French who were then defeated by the British, it only stands to reason that apart from other Aboriginal groups, the only two countries inhabiting Canada were the French and the British. Since Britain was the conquering nation over the French, it was plainly seen by the people that the government of the victorious nation would be the one to govern all the people. Also for a number of years, in order to be eligible to even vote, you had to own land, and in order to own land you would have to be rather wealthy. Since the majority of the people who would have enough money to own land were French or British, it only makes sense that a person from either French or British descent would be elected Prime Minister. In addition, for numerous years, women did not have the right to vote because they were not legally considered people which resulted in there being no women being elected Prime Minister. Overall, despite many people saying that Canadians only vote for older Caucasion men and maybe one or two women who are either French or British descent and that we will never change because that is the way it has always been, you also have to take into consideration that those were the people tat created our government and you must look at what influenced to create it in the way that they did.

  14. The past 15 years of Canada's leadership has something in common. They are all caucasian males (with the exception of Kim Campbell) and are wealthy. This shows that this type of person has a large influence over the country of Canada. Because there are so many different cultures and races throughout Canada, these prime ministers are not an accurate representation on Canada's population. Although Canada as a country encourages diversity and multi-cultural community, we have failed to elect anyone with out a certain "image" in to the position of prime minister.

  15. Canada is described as being “diversity distinguished from most other countries. Its 32 million inhabitants reflect a cultural, ethnic and linguistic makeup found nowhere else on earth” (Canada Heritage web site). With that being said, it is interesting to reflect upon Canada’s prime ministers since 1867 when Canada became a country. All of Canada’s 22 prime misters (excluding Kim Campbell) have been wealthy, white, Canadians. Since Canada is acclaimed to be very accepting of all cultures, you would think that every head of government since the country was founded wouldn’t be white. In order for Canada to be truly culturally diverse, power must be given to those of different cultures. If it is possible for Barrack Obama to become president of the United States, one day Canadians will accept that Canada is changing, and holders of power in this country will also change.

  16. When looking at the different Prime Ministers of Canada, it is easy to spot key similarities between each leader. They are all Caucasian, middle aged men (with the exception of one female by the name of Kim Campbell) and they are all from either British of French descent. This is surprising to see because of the fact that Canada is seen to be very culturally accepting and diverse, though we seem to only elect Prime Ministers who fall into a certain category. In this way, Canada is very slow at developing politically. Throughout the history of Canada, the British and the French have battled for control over Canada. Eventually the British were able to come out on top. This is where this “tradition” started. It is time, however for tradition to be broken. Canada’s minorities should be represented more in the government. We are making slow progress as we now have appointed people from different backgrounds into the cabinet (including the Minister for International Cooperation Beverley Oda) and even our own Governor General of Canada, Michelle Jean of Haitian descent. Although we have progressed, it is still disappointing to see how little headway we have made since the formation of Canada as a country.

  17. Canada's role in government has an obvious pattern to it. The positions of Prime Ministers have all been taken by wealthy and successful Caucasian men, aside from Kim Campbell. However, Kim Campbell only had the position for just under 6 months. Canada's government has been ran by the French and British ever since the first Prime Minister, Sir John Macdonald Alexander, in 1878. Although Canada promotes itself as a multi-cultural country, the role for Prime Ministers haven't involved anyone besides wealthy Caucasians.

  18. Canada is supposed to be a multicultural society, containing many different ethnic groups and people of all skin colours. However, the Prime Ministers all share many of the same similarities. All of the prime ministers are Caucasian, mainly British (few French) males (with the exception of one female who was in power for a very short time). They are older aged and are of a higher social class than the general public. It suggests that despite Canada being multicultural and a place where different ethnic groups live, the Prime Ministers haven't differed much from the group of higher class Caucasians.

  19. Canada is thought of as multicultural country around the world, but when taking a look at the history of our prime ministers, a trend becomes extremely clear. All prime ministers since our first, John A. McDonald in 1867 have been white and wealthy men, with only one exception, Kim Campbell, a woman who only held office for less than a year in 1993. Although Canada’s population has become more culturally diverse, white males still make up the higher levels of government. As more females and people of other ethnicities have become more involved in other levels of government, I predict that within the years to come we will have a prime minister that defies Canada’s current trend of white males. If Canadians can help create this change, our cultural mosaic will emerge stronger than ever on both the national and world stages.

  20. The position of Prime Minister was introduced in 1867, John A. MacDonald being the first to hold the title as head of government. From then on, twenty men and one woman have served this position; some for a few days, others for many years. When looking at the characteristics of these leaders, we observe that most are Catholic, caucasian, Canadian and are from British decent. Canada prides itself on being a prosperous and safe country, where what matters is who you are and what you do, not who you know or where you’re from. Canada's mission to accept all races and religions has been successful, but when observing it's history of Prime Ministers, it seems only one 'group' of Canadians, (caucasian, wealthy) have dominated this role. Canada's historical development has been significant since the late 1800's; which includes events such as the BNA Act and Constitution Act. Although Canada has achieved being viewed as an 'accepting' country, its history of Prime Ministers has shown the opposite. The power of the Canadian government has remained in the hands of the wealthy caucasian people. There are many reasons why this trend could be occuring, one reason being that humans simply do not like change. Overall, Canadian and caucasian men have been in control of the Canadian government for hundreds of years. This will not change immediately because the same wealthy caucasian men have had power for many years and it is expected that this tradition will continue. With the combination of lack of change and history of power, this pattern of rich white men ruling the country will continue. But as the our generation begins to contribute to society, we can make a difference and influence future leaders. The power of change and diversity is in the hands of the people, and a change in this obvious pattern can come to an end.

  21. The Prime Minister holds the most powerful position in the Canadian government. The majority of Canada’s past and present Prime Ministers have mainly been older, wealthy and educated Caucasian men from the European decent. These common characteristics strongly reflect where Canada’s power, wealth and leadership lie. Prime Ministers have great responsibility and influence people in our society through their policies.

  22. Canada's Prime Ministers have been all white males with the exception of Kim Campbell. This was reflective of the ethnicity of early settlers in Canada. In Canada's early development, new Canadians were primarily English, French or eastern European. It was not until the last 25 years where a large diversity of different races and countries have immigrated to Canada. Our present day house of commons reflects this cultural diversity and it is a matter of time before Canadian political parties elect someone other than a white male to lead.

  23. Throughout the history of Canada, white caucasian men have been in power (except for of course Kim Campbell). The fact that the power has never shifted in Canada suggests that we as Canadians are not as willing and as open to change as we are made out to be. This may be because Canadians to not actually have the chance to allow change in our political system. No matter what party a Canadian votes for (be it NDP, Con. or Lib.) a white caucasian man will still be in power, and the main parties do not differ in ways that would affect our daily lives. This shows that Canadians are not willing to take a political risk and welcome in change. We are a diverse country, and most Canadians are proud of that, but our politics definitely do not reflect that. In my opinion, Canadians have not changed political power out of the realm of wealthy white men because historically thats who has been in power and Canadians have never been hugely wronged by these people so why would we take the risk and possibly get something bad when there is nothing wrong with what we have.

  24. Canada is perceived as a culturally diverse society, that encourages diversity and equality. Many people have no difficulty believing this, because of the many different diverse ethnic groups that live in Canada. After taking a look at the past list of Prime Ministers it is easy to spot an ongoing trend in our past and present leaders. 21 out of the 22 Prime Ministers are men. The only woman (Kim Campbell) served for a very short term in 1993. They are all Caucasian, and their last names lead reason to believe that they are of the European or French decent. All of the Prime Ministers are wealthy and all seem to maintain the same stereotype. How can Canada try are portray the image of a diverse society when they show no diversity in their government? I believe that eventually as time advances we will see a difference in the leaders of our country, involving more women and people of different ethnicities. This progression is needed if we want to break away from the typical stereotype that our past government has created.

  25. Looking at the photo of the past and present Canadian Prime Ministers, one can see a some what of a pattern. They are all caucasian males,(with the exception of Kim Campbell), they all seem to be wealthy upper class people for the most part, and they all seem to be mainly of british or french decent. Analyzing this pattern, a few conclusions can be made. It seems to be that the British still have some "power" over Canada even though Canada is it's own country. Maybe the people of the country are used the same type of Prime Minister figure, which is every Prime Minister being mostly from British decent and a few from French decent, (judging from their names), and that makes it seem like Canada has still not fully devoloped yet and still has some British/French influence. Of course Canada has a widely diverse culture and one should think that it's leaders should represent different cultures, may it be the Aboriginals or the many immigrant groups who have made Canada what it is. Also it seems as if only the wealthy can become head of state, and of course that doesn't represent the whole country as not everyone is wealthy. It makes you wonder, Canada often represents itself to the world as a multicultural accepting country. Why do our Prime Ministers not represent that?

  26. In Canada we have often strived to differentiate ourselves from the "cultural melting pot" that is the US. We have eagerly accepted people of all races, genders and religions to live with us. We say that everyone is welcome, and have tried to show that with new laws and amenities, to ensure that all people feel welcome. Unfortunately by only electing government officials that meet a certain criteria, we are saying, that yes we can all live together, but they cannot help us run our country. This is the same narrow-minded thinking that we have repeatedly criticized the United States with. Are we really in any place to judge the United States when Obama is leading their nation to the future, while the only diversity we had in our leaders is becoming a distant memory.

  27. As the picture shows, the history of Canada is not very long. The first Prime Minister was born in 1867, which says that the history of Canada is only about 150 years.In addition, except for Campbell.A.Kim, all the other Prime Ministers are male, which shows that Canada is mostly controled by men. On the other hand, canada is effected by England and France because of their conflict during 16 century, therefore the Prime Ministers either speaks(spoke) English or French.

  28. Canada is given the stereotype of being a compassionate and accepting to people of all different ethnicities. Our country is very culturally diverse but we do not meet the stereotype given to us. If you take a look at the past and present Prime Ministers of Canada you will notice a few key characteristics in all of them. They are old and wealthy Caucasian men; except for Kim Campbell who only was in power for around 4 months. If we look at the history of the Prime Ministers it shows that Canada is not open to change. People are humans of habit and Canadians continue to follow the trends set in the past when deciding Prime Ministers. We are slowly making a few changes and now have women and people of different ethnicities in the House of Commons. We also now have a Chinese Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba. The United States now has a president that is African American and has stopped following the trends from the past. Canada needs to live up to the label that is given to us and needs to have leaders that are of all ethnicities. Our future generation will need to help stir up the change that Canada needs so our leaders are not all of European decent. All people of different ethnicities should have a fair chance in being elected Prime Minister. Maybe the reason our Prime Ministers have been White Anglo Saxon Protestants is because of the cost it is to run a campaign?

  29. When looking at Canada's past Prime Ministers, a pattern clearly appears. They are all wealthy, middle aged Caucasian men with European decent (with the exception of Kim Campbell who served a short term in 1993). Although Canada prides itself on being a culturally accepting country, white males still make up the higher levels of government. This suggests that Canada's historical development has been greatly influence by the same demographic of people and the opinions and traditions of other cultures have not been properly represented.Ultimately, as more women and people of ethnicity become more involved in government, I believe that Canada will eventually break way from the typical trend of past Prime Ministers.

  30. When a list of Canada's past Prime Ministers is viewed, we notice a trend. 21 of the 22 have been men. Kim Campbell being the only exception, served for a very short period of time. Canada takes pride in being very multicultural. However, the majority of the past Prime Ministers have been fairly wealthy white English or French men. Canada's culture has been molded by the vast number of different ethnicity and when viewing past Prime Ministers, it is not evident.

  31. What definitly was already said about the appearance of Canada's Prime Ministers being mostly W.A.S.P's and that this "look" has also mostly stayed the same over a great periode of time. Thing is though Canadians have been able to choose their Prime Minister based on much more than appearance, but on the person (I hope) which would lead me to beleive that this is a coincidence rather than some sort of plan. On the side of development, these Prime Ministers show nothing of how Canada has grown only because you ask this question based on images least that is how I see it at the moment. I would like to mention that I haven't read anyone elses comments and I think this says enough; correct me if I'm wrong.

  32. Canada has been parliamentary democracy since 1867. Now, Canada is formed with Monarch ,Queen Elizabeth II, Governo General ,Michaelle Jean, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. However,in Canada, Prime Minister has the most political power like that a president has in America, and they have similarities like the all past Prime Ministers, were all wealthy, whites, and male. In my oponion, the reason why all the Prime Ministers have these similarities is in that time, there was discrimination between males and females, and whoever the person had lots of money could dominate poor people, (and also because of racism, white people only.)

  33. Analysing Canada's current and former Prime Ministers is a reletively easy task. Canada has only had 22 Prime Ministers and they have been mostly white men with British Ancestry. A generalization is that Canada's Prime Ministers fall into the WASP category. Canada is often portrayed as a mosiac of cultures and this seems to be true, but this must be taken with a grain of salt. Aproximately 28% of Canadians have only British ancestry and another 23% have French ancestry. When added up that makes 51% of Canadians either English or French. Another 15% of all Canadians trace their roots to european countries making 66% of Canada's population european. Compare this 66% (majority) with the percentage of Aboriginal and First Nations people which make up between 2-4% of the population. The Prime Ministers represent the majority(66%) of Canada that is composed of European ancestry, however it does not fairly represent Canada when it comes to gender. Aproximately 50% of Canada's population is composed of females and yet there has only been one female (Kim Campbell) Prime Minister. There are only 67 women (aprx.22% of seats) in Parliament today giving Canada it's ranking as 44th in the world based on gender equality in parliament. I agree with DLS that Parlaiment is starting to become more multicultural(Governor General Michaelle Jean.. etc) and am covinced that this is a positive step in the right direction to giving women a stronger representation in Parliament. The most important thing is the Prime Minister's qualifications and experiance and should be the deciding factor in whether or not they are elected into office. Martin Luther King said that he dreamed of a day when a man (or woman) is judged by the quality of their character and not by the colour of their skin and I hope and choose to think that we have reached that day. I would have no hesitation is supporting an asian, african american or muslim Prime Minister should they be qualified and represent the political party I am affiliated with. Canada is still a young country and there is plenty of time and opportunity for multiculturalism in Parliament.Sources include CBC, CIA World Factbook, THE MARK (Canada's Colonialism)

  34. Canada, throughout the nation and even throughout the world, is seen to pride itself in its "multiculturalism". Throughout the past 100 years or so, there have been countless efforts on the government's behalf in order to establish such an idea into the thoughts of every Canadian citizen. When one actually takes a look at the past history of Canada and the past leaders, one can tell that multiculturalism is not always the case in all of the aspects of Canadian life. The main characteristics that set the Canadian leaders apart are that they are all white, old, rich men, with the exception of Kim Campbell, with an English or French background. This really says a lot about the country that seems to revolve around how multicultural it is. The fact that since a hundred years ago, every prime minister of Canada has the same general characteristics shows how really, Canada is not as multicultural as it takes its self to believe. There has been a trend since the birth of Canada and that trend doesn't seem to just disappear. Because of the past British influence and the past history of Canada in relation to its cultural racism towards Asian and black people, this trend seems to say that Canada has not yet proved itself to be tolerant or other races. Although it has come far from the racism there once was, Canada still holds tight the reigns on parliament. This just goes to show that Canada still has a long way to go in order to achieve that multiculturalism that all Canadians pride themselves on.

  35. In my opinion its time for canada to make a change. In the new world we live i,n there are alot of skeptics who will convice people, that canada is a racist country. The U.S has made their change, its time for canada to make a change, and show off the multiculture country it really is.

  36. It is clear that the vast majority of our leaders have been older Caucasian men.The average age of our Prime Ministers at their time of induction is 56 years and 8 months. The youngest ever Prime Minister was Charles Clark at 40 years old. This is another factor that I believe is holding back our country. We need some new fresh young faces in parliament. The fact that all of the Prime Ministers where of either of British or French descent does not represent the image of multiculturalism that Canada paints. I agree with many of the other comments in the fact that it is time for change. We pride ourselves on accepting all cultures and backgrounds and that obviously has not yet translated to our parliament.

  37. When looking at the history of Canadian Prime Ministers, you can see that they are mostly caucasian, wealthy, and older. This is upsetting because canada's big promotion is that they are a vary diverse country (culture wise).I also think we are being blinded by several incidents from the first nations people, when most are nice and friendly people who could possibly be a prime minister. This being said Canada is a democracy the people have a right to vote for the best person, not because of their race,gender, or financial well being, but because they are fit to lead this country.

  38. Canada's Prime ministers were always men. They were white, old and rich. Most of them had french or british background. I think that it is not very democratical that there aren't any colored people or any women.In the future I think they should include a bigger diversity of gender and multicultural backround. pascale

  39. Posting for Liz:Looking at the pictures of our past Prime Ministers, with the exception of Kim Campbell, they are all white men. This stereotype reflects in different ways on the history of our country, for example it shows that we do not like change. While having white men as our Prime Minister’s nothing really bad has happened; they have created good policies, and they have protected our country well, so why change a system that works? Also it shows that as a country whom the power lies. Since the British won the war against the French to take control of Canada they have been then the most powerful group of people. They have been the ones trusted to make the proper decisions for the country and that hasn’t changed. Caucasian people in Canada are not a minority and so the general public see them as powerful, and responsible enough to lead our country. As Canada adapts to the changing times though and more minorities become more powerful there most likely will be a shift of power to a different group of people who may well end up running our country.

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