Grade 11 Section 5

C.R.’s Question for the week:

It is human nature to protect what is ours. Be it language, religion or simply a possession, we become attached. Why might the Aboriginals have felt insecure about “Black Robe” or Samuel de Champlain discovering their territory,traditions and language? Would you feel the same way? What would effect you the most? Why?


11 thoughts on “Grade 11 Section 5

  1. I think that the Native people felt threatened about there lifestyle being discovered because Champlain and his men were outsiders, with no concept of their way of life. If you had a very small circle of friends and someone wanted to join your group, and that person started acting like you, wouldn't you feel strange?I think that knowing the language would effect me the most because there is no longer that communication barrier. Nothing could remain secret anymore. Additionally, since only the language and not the entire culture is known, someone could find out all about your way of life without actually being a part of it.

  2. The Aboriginals lived independently for a significant amount of time. As the French and First Nations cultures would begin to exchange traditions, languages and knowledge, the Aboriginals may have thought they would lose their independence and their lifestyle. They would grow to use French weaponry, recipes and social ideas, and become incapable of returning to their former way of life. Also, there could have been fear concerning the French‘s reception of the First Nations‘ culture, dialect and ideals. The Aboriginal way of life surely seemed like the proper way to survive to the First Nations, and outside influences (brought on by the French’s reaction to the Aboriginal life) would surely taint their society. Personally, I believe I would have had the same reaction as the Aboriginals had to Samuel de Champlain and the French. While I may have been accepting of the French religion and culture, I would have been opposed to the enforcement of the visiting societies ideals on myself. I have nothing against gaining new knowledge, it’s when I feel that I am trying to be changed that I put up a defense. Simply because you believe in something whole heartedly does not mean it’s the right idea to trust, nor is it acceptable to attempt to force your opinions on another.

  3. If someone showed up on your property, speaking a different dialect and decided they would stay and settle on your land, would you be okay with that? I certainly would be confused and insecure about the situation. The Aboriginals must have been bewildered when people first decided to come to Canada. When Samuel de Champlain decided to start creating a settlement, the Aboriginals must have been upset. But the French brought desirable possessions with them and the Aboriginals must have been intrigued by these new gadgets. These new tools would make their lifestyle easier but soon the French wanted to convert them to Christianity and change their culture. The French were trying to assimilate the First Nations people into their culture. I would be happy to receive new tools from people but if they started to try and change what I believe and my traditions, I would draw a line. I would listen to what they have to say about their culture but would not want to be forced to change what I believe. I would probably want to learn their language just so there would not be a language barrier, but I would want to continue to still speak my language with my people. I would not want to lose my identity. I think the First Nation’s people and the French had different view on Canadian territory. The Aboriginal used the land and did not think of it as their possession but the French people saw the land as something to own.

  4. I believe that the fn's fealt insacure because they did bnot know what the french people's intentions, and those intentions would afect them. If i was in that position i would probably act the same way because who knows what they were doing at the start when no one understood eachother.

  5. The Aboriginals were excited to receive tools and other metal goods from the French, but eventually were reliant on the French and their way of life had changed. They were reluctant as the French set up camps on the land in which they inhabited because they did not know what they intended to do. They weren't sure if they were to be trusted. Eventually the Aboriginals abandoned their own lifestyle to become christians, and were whiped out by an enemy tribe.

  6. I believe that it is very natural for the aboriginals to feel insecure about the black robe discovering their territory, traditions, and language. We constantly see this through history. When people with a different way of life migrate to a place of different culture, the natives to the land often feel threatened. If someone just randomly showed up on your land and decided they were going to stay it would be natural to feel insecure. The Aboriginals knew that the Black Robes may try to change their way of life. I know that if someone came into my life and tried to changed the way I think and live I would feel the same way. I would fee that it is wrong for someone to come into your life and try and change your traditions.

  7. I think that the Aboriginals were insecure about Black Robe and Samuel de Champlain discovering their culture because like Claudia said it is human nature to protect what is ours. The Aboriginals were faced with a dillema when Europeans came across to their land. They had to decide whether or not to accept their gifts and trade with them or to send them away. As Chief Chomina said "accepting their gifts has led to our downfall," the Aborginals did not firmly stand against the Europeans and their gifts, the Europeans began to take advantage of the Aboriginals accomodations and kindness. They began trying to influence the way the Aboriginals had lived for so many years. I would feel insecure as well if someone decided to take advantage of me as it is morally wrong. I would be most affected by the difference in way of life as I like to live by a very strict routine. So if someone tried to change my way of life I would have a very hard time adapting and would probably not change anyway.

  8. The Aboriginals might have felt insecure about "Black Robe" or Samuel de Champlain discovering their territory,traditions and language because they knew some of what traditions colonists tended to bring with them to their people. North America had been around for just as long as every other continet, but for most of that time only Native tribes populated it though others had visited. I am not sure exactly how many diffferent culutres have interacted with the first Canadian peoples, but they came to either conquer, collect, or convert. Samuel de Champlain's efforts at colonisation was the first of its kind, but the Aboriginals knew of what these people were also trying to do all the things they'd seen before. The main difference about this inscureity is that they knew the French were going to stay and were willing to cooperate, to trade tools. The French also were willing to give relgion and traditions of their own that they thought would help the Native people, but started to sabotage the purity of their culture making them as corrupt as their "commrades". I would definitly feel the same way and would probebly want to fight mroe than cooperate if I knew this information. There is also a chance I could be tricked, but I feel that I would get the sense that these people were deffinitly trying to change the things that shape my life. From the environment, to my beliefs, they would try to cahnge everything to want they knew. I can only say that the whole idea that they were trying to help me, but were destroying my culture at the same time would effect me the most. I think I answered this one right; a threat against your culture is tough to explain in only words.

  9. I agree with most of the other bloggers. The natives have every right to feel insecure about the invasion of the french, and Samuel dechamplain because of the chaos it causes. They start trading with each other then all of a sudden champlain takes the cheifs two sons to new lands. This would make any person concerned, scared, and angry. Another way the eurapeans caused chaos was by relegion, "The black robes" or preists tried to convert the aboriginals into a different religion, and to drop a culture with hundreds of years of history, this harsh change would scare any human being. And as everyone else said, champlain used, and abused the aboriginals. So for these reasons I strongly feel that the aboriginal people had every right to be upset.P.S Sorry this is late Mr. Henderson

  10. I believe that it is human nature to protect what is ours. I think the Aboriginal did not feel safe about Black Robe or Sam De Champ, because they thought that they wanted to take over their land, and what is theres. The Aboriginals were loured into all the gifts that the Europeans brought over.They did not have to accept the gifts, but they did, and that is what let them to their down fall. I would feel the same way as the Aboriginal people, because i would not trust the new comers. I would feel like they are trying to figure out how to get rid of us. What would affect me the most is how they would come back and forth, and how they would try to trade with us to gain our trust, so we would feel safe around them.

  11. I think that the aboriginals had every right to feel offended, and angry about Champlain invading their territory. The black robes imposed their religion on the aboriginals, tried to impose a whole new language on them. Champlain and his followers made the aboriginals dependant on their gifts, which ended up destroying the aboriginals social, political, and economic structure, that had worked for hundreds of years before.

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