Luke’s Question

In the 1600’s both Aboriginal and French cultures were dominant in New France, and in the wars in the 1750’s and 1760’s the Aboriginals and French were both enemies of the English. However in 1763, when the English took control of New France why do you suppose that the French culture was still aloud to flourish under English rule while the Aboriginal culture was suppressed, even though the French and Aboriginals were both enemies of the British.


34 thoughts on “Luke’s Question

  1. The Aboriginals' culture was suppressed because the French and English had coexisted long before the French and English discovered the New World and met the Aboriginals. This history, although not the most pleasant, is the reason why the Aboriginal culture was suppressed.The French and the English both viewed the Aboriginals as savages and thought that their culture and religion was weird. They had no tolerance for the Aboriginals way of life, religion and culture. Although the Aboriginals were both allies of the British, the British allowed the French more freedom as they had absolutely no previous history of peace with the Aboriginals.I think that the British suppressed the Aboriginal culture because they lacked an understanding of the Aboriginal people. The French and the British had history that goes back centuries, while the British had pretty much no history. I think that the way the British suppressed the Aboriginal culture at this time is relevant today as Aboriginal culture is still suppressed. We can see this with the reserve system and the residential schools in the 20th century. And when we look at the British allowance of the French culture to flourish at the time is seen today in the province of Quebec. Clearly, the English decision to suppress the Aboriginal culture while letting the French culture flourish still affects today. Maybe it is time to learn from history and what happened in the past and fix our mistakes, instead of letting the past continue to affect Canada today.

  2. The French and the English had a long relationship before they began to start colonizing in North America. While the British were trying to colonize they wanted as little as possible to do with the Aboriginal people; they ignored them. When they felt they needed allies they would go to the Aboriginals and give them resource. When the English took control of New France they allowed the French to flourish under English rule while the Aboriginal culture was suppressed, even though they were both enemies of the British.The French and English were not on the same page as the Aboriginals and they had different culture and values. The French and English did not have the same beliefs but they were more similar then those of the Aboriginals. In the past the French and English had intermarried and they had probably studied each other’s languages in Europe. The Aboriginals were too different from the white Europeans; they were seen as darker savages. People do not embrace culture and racial differences very well and the British were exclusive instead of inclusive. During the time when New France was taken over, the slave trade was a big deal in North America. Black African’s were being brought to work for the British. Both the Black Africans and the Aboriginals were excluded and the British may have felt they did not compare to the white Europeans. Even today Aboriginal people are still excluded. We can see this with the reserve system and the residential schools in the 20th century.

  3. I believe that the Aboriginal culture was suppressed while the French culture was allowed to flourish due mostly to the European view of social "classes". Although the French were just as much of an enemy to the British as the Aboriginals were, the Aboriginals were seen as the savages while, because they were from the "civilized" continent of Euroupe, the French were allowed to remain a part of society while the Aboriginals were suppressed and were not accepted. The British and French both viewed the Aboriginals as savages even though they were the ones taking over the natives' land. Just because of their culture and the way they view the world, the Aboriginals were basically segregated and told to go live somewhere else. This idea kept going from that time until releativly recently when the government apologized to the Aboriginals for acts such as this one. The British had no right to kick any civilization out of their home land especially the natives who owned that land in the first place.From the British point of view, it was seen, as I have said before, that the Aboriginals were savages and were not capable of coexisting with another group of people because why else would the British not allow the Aboriginals to stay with them? This obviously is wrong as the Aboriginals and the French were working together far before the British even set foot in New France. This shows poor judgement, which may say something about the British (like them being stuck-up) and which may give a reason for the vulgar way the British people took control of what is now Canada.It is by looking at the past that we may find out the faults such as these and to make sure they are not repeated. We are in an age where people become aware of rights and freedoms and it is by using the past that we will be able make sure that this type of cruelty does not happen again.

  4. Before England and France had set up colonies in North America, the two had already gone through many series of wars. In those times of war the common people worried about there own countries, but otherwise took no interest in the people of the other country. The two groups of people co-existed fairly well. So it is no surprise that in the “New World” the two groups did the same. However, the English and French are fairly similar – both are European, and have fairly similar faiths. The two are especially similar compared to the Native people of Canada. Europeans and Natives have two very different lifestyles, and so to the English the Native way of life was completely alien to them – one of the reasons Native people used to be called savages. So as a way to make there culture superior, the British suppressed the Native way of life. After the Seven Years War/French – Indian War the French were allowed to live peacefully in Canada, but were also not a very large threat to the English crown. They were (for all intensive purposes)British subjects, but could basically maintain there French culture. Neither parties had any really big reason to be upset with one another. Because of the similarity of the French and British cultures, and how they were no threat to the British, the French were allowed to thrive in there respective colonies. However, because the British had no respect for Native culture they suppressed it.

  5. I think the main reason, why the french people were allowed to live in Canada was the similarity of the French and English people. The native people were totally different. They had other cultural traditions than the british, the french, in contrast, had nearly the same culture than the British.The French had just a bit to adapt to the English culture, and did so. So there was no reason for the British to kick them out of the country. The nativ people would have had to change their whole way of living. They didn't want to, so they were oppressed by the British.pascale

  6. I think that the main reason that the British allowed the French culture to flourish while the Aboringinal culture was suspressed was because the British were already familiar with the French culture. The British had already seen a great deal of the French culture back in Europe while as the First Nation's culture was all brand new.The British people had little respect for the First Nations and treated them like savages. The French culture on the other hand was relatively similar to the British culture so the British treated the French with a little more respect. The two cultures have alot more in common then the British do with the First Nation's, both being for Europe, and having similar beliefs.

  7. The French and the British already had a long standing relationship before the colonization of Canada. When the two parties began colonizing Canada, they each had different techniques and tactics. Both made allies with different Aboriginal groups and occupied different areas of land. However after the French-Indian War, the British were claimed victorious over the French and gained control.Despite their own relationships with the Aboriginal Peoples, the British suppressed the Aboriginal culture in their new claimed territory. One can say that this is only natural because they are the victorious party after all. However then the question of as to why the French culture was not suppressed is then raised. I believe that the reasoning behind why the British suppressed the Aboriginal culture and left the French is twofold.Since the French had already developed a solid system in the fur trade, the British felt that since these French people are now "British subjects", they could use them to further their own success in the fur trade and boost their own economy.The second reason is that although the British felt superior to both the French and the Aboriginals, they classified the Aboriginals to be lower then the French. Since the French were more dignified, having them living under British rule would add class and dignity to the British image. However if the Aboriginals were allowed to flourish under the British, it would then muddy their image and reputation as the Aboriginals were considered to be savages.Overall, the reasoning behind why the French culture was allowed to flourish while the Aboriginal culture was suppressed under the new British rule, was that of economic strategy and social status.

  8. I think that the reason why the Aboriginal culture was suppressed when the English took control of New France is because of cultural differences and previous history. The Aboriginal way of life including their religion, language and survival methods were very foreign to both the French and the English.Although the French and English were not allies, they had much more in common than either did with the Aboriginals. Since they were unfamiliar with the way of life of the first people, they often treated them with less respect and saw them as "savages" instead of equals. The French's decision to suppress the Aboriginal's culture could be attributed to the lack of understanding or willingness to accept a new culture. The French and English had a much more longstanding history with each other while the Aboriginals did not. The French saw the Aboriginals as allies as they provided advantages with their knowledge of New France, but aside from the war and when they needed allies to fight, they did not see a need to respect or associate themselves with the first people. This racist view led to discrimination, segregation and current day issues. Canada's history of racism towards our Aboriginal people including the use of residential schools have stripped many people of their culture, a right that every individual deserves. These issues in our mistreatment of our own people relate closely to the initial treatment from the English and French. A lack of willingness to accept, embrace and learn about different cultures many years ago has proven to have started a chain reaction in the mistreatment of our Aboriginal people which still exists today.

  9. Although the Aboriginals and the French were both enemies of the English, I think the English favored the French and allowed them to remain in New France, under their control because of previous history. The English were looking for a group of people that could help them run and colonize the land that they had just gained from the war. Since the land had been shared previously by three groups; the Aboriginals, the French, and the English, the English needed to choose which group they could trust and although they were not allies with the French, they preferred them to the Aboriginals. Although the discovery of New France brought forward a lot of tension between English and French the English had a past relationship and tie to the French which was why they instead suppressed the Aboriginal culture. Both the French and the English didn’t know a lot about the Aboriginals culture so instead of learning about it they did what was easiest and turned a blind eye. The British had only turned to the Aboriginals when they had needed military allies, and the French had tried to assimilate the Aboriginals with themselves, so Aboriginal culture in general was extremely foreign. The French and the English both had ties to Europe and shared more similarities then the Aboriginals and the English did, essentially being the reason the French were allowed to flourish under the English rule.

  10. I suppose that the reason the British allowed the French culture to flourish over the Aboriginal culture was that the French culture was more familiar and similar to the British. The British had been in contact with the French for hundreds of years while the Aboriginals were new to them. Making it more likely for the British to deal with the French rather than the Aboriginals considering that they needed subjects in their land to run it and since they had to choose they would rather have people that they knew better. Also the French may have had a different culture but for the most part they were also sharing a similar religion and they were white unlike the Aboriginals. So seeing as back then the British would rather have people who were more similar to them living in their land, they chose the French over the Aboriginals.

  11. Even though the French and British hated each other a lot, they still had an understanding for the other. They had known of each other for centuries while they had no knowledge of the aboriginals. When they first arrived in the new land, the Aboriginals were described as savages and their religion was frowned upon.Another possibility is that their religions were so similar that the British did not mind that the French religion was flourishing. Although they hated each other, they had very similar religions and understood each others background which is why the British allowed for the French religion to flourish

  12. I think that the reason why the British allowed the French culture to flourish despite suppressing the aboriginal culture is due to how different the aboriginal culture was compared to European cultures. Similar to how languages in Europe are very similar, their religion worked the same way. Since Europeans lived closer towards each other and had many of the same origins, when they saw the aboriginals culture, it seemed odd and very different from their own. Many people in society are intolerable to things that are different and intolerable to change. Hence why the British saw the French culture as something similar in ways to their own and saw the aboriginal culture as something they had to either change and reform, or remove entirely.

  13. There are probebly multiple reasons as to why the French culture survived and Aboriginal perished, but unfortunatly I can only specculate. I could have been possible for the French to have already wiped out Aboriginal culture pre-English rule and that they had adopted France's. I also think that it was the English who first started putting the Aboriginal peoples into reserves without any sort of fair negotiation. The French saw the Aboriginal people almost as equals sicne they beleived that they actually were white people which would also give them some even respectwith the British. Though they had been at war for centuries, the tactics of French vs. English warfare tended to be more of a game than a fight with many rules and regulations. Due to the little violence between the two they probebly could tolerate each other's cultures that were similar none the less. Due to the long-time relationship between the Enlgish and the French, French culture was untouched, but England's view on Aborignial people most likey brought the end to most of thier cultures.

  14. Even thought the French and English were always at each others throats, they still shared similarities. The relationship between the two nations was tense at times, but they always shared a European decent. Their cultures had been interacting for hundreds of years whereas the aboriginals were a fairly new culture to the Europeans. The aboriginals were viewed as savages and men of the bush. They were uncivilized beings according to the Europeans. The French culture and language was allowed to be maintained because even though the English were always fighting the French, they still respected the French. English and French culture had many similarities however the aboriginal culture was the complete opposite to the European cultures. Also, I believe religion was a major attribution to the maintenance of the French language and culture. The French and English both shared a similarity of a central god. The Aboriginal religion was completely different.

  15. When the English first came into contact with Aboriginals, it was a total shock to see people live so differently than themselves. I think this is one of the reasons why the English suppressed the Aboriginal culture and let the French flourish. The French way of life was very much like the English in a sense that you would attend church, get married, and have children. The English saw that the Aboriginal culture was different and believed that their culture was better, and wanted the Aboriginals to change to the same way of life as them. As a result of this the Aboriginal culture was suppressed while the French, who where somewhat similar to the British where allowed to continue with their beliefs.

  16. Throughout history, Aboriginal's culture has continuously been suppressed by the British while the French culture was still able to flourish. This is strange because of the fact that both the French and the Aboriginals were enemies of the British. This could potentially be due to the fact that the French had longstanding history with the British. They had been tied together for years and years. In that way, they seemed to have a mutual respect for each other as each of them had fought against each other and won against each many times before. The Aboriginals, however, were very foreign to the British. The British did not understand the Aboriginals at all. Their religion and their ways of life were very strange to the English. The British even called the Aboriginals "savages". The Aboriginals were seen as inferior to the British and that is one reason as to why the British chose to suppress the culture of the Aboriginals.Another reason as to why the British may have allowed the French culture to flourish in Canada could be because the French and the British had a lot more in common than the Aboriginals. The French shared the same beliefs as the British and they also shared the same religion. The French were also Caucasian Europeans like the British. Because the Aboriginals had close to nothing in common with the British this could also be another reason as to why their culture was suppressed. Even now, we continue to suppress the Aboriginal culture even thought they play such a large part in our society today. In my opinion, it is unfair that their culture is not represented more because of the fact that they were the first to actually people our country.

  17. Since the British and French were both Europeans, they had similar culture. For example, religion, economic structure, and social institution (early capitalism). However, the aboriginals, in contrast, had a different culture. There were two points I saw. First, the Europeans and the aboriginals had different benieves. The aboriginals were superstitious. Just as the "Black Robe" shows, they trusted a weird koradji. The Europeans had a belief of God, but they also put science at a very important place. Second, they had different social institution. The aboriginals had numbers of clans, and each clan had a cacique. This is the way how the primitives lived. The aboriginals had a irrational social system. Since this two reasons, the British was impossible to accept aboriginal culuture. In contrast, the French had a similar culture background as they did, so the French's culture was kept till now.

  18. I think that the reasons why the French culture is kept until now are first, the British and the French have a similar culture. They are both European countries, so they have the same religion, similare economical structure and social system, or regime (early capitalism). However, the aboriginals were not like them. They had a different belief. They were superstitious. Like the "Black Robe" shows, the aboriginals trusted people like a koradji. In contrast, the Europeans believed in God, but they also accepted a lot of science knowledge. In addition, the social system of the aboriginals was primal. They were devided into a lot of clans, each clan had a cacique. This kind of system against what most people want, (most people want equality), therefore it cannot be kept for a long time. That's why only the French culture is kept until now.

  19. Cultural difference and lack of understanding each other’s intensions plays a large role in the battle for cultural identity between the British, French and Aboriginal. Although the British and French were enemies, they displayed similar views on religion, spoke the same language and shared similar survival methods. This allowed the French to flourish, leaving the British feeling as though the cultures were similar. If the French demonstrated a similar culture, then the British did not have to worry about major differences, regarding morals and language. The Aboriginals, however, had a very unique culture, which did not sit well with the British. It is intriguing that the British believed the French culture and way of life was so similar to their own, yet the way they treated Aboriginals was completely different. The French were initially most interested in the fur trade, during a time when furs were expensive in Europe. To obtain the furs, the French traders and colonists had to befriend the natives. Many of them intermarried with native women, most likely because during the initial years of colonization, very few frenchwomen came to Canada. Meanwhile, the friendship between Aboriginals and French continued. The British, however, displayed a pattern of wholesale expropriation of Aboriginal lands, massacres, suppression of native culture and banishment. The Aboriginals were seen as enemies and rivals. Very few British colonists sought to Christianize the natives, probably due to the fact that they were indifferent either to religion or to the salvation of native people. In comparison with the French, there were far less intermarriage between white men and native women. In all, the British sided with the French and allowed them to flourish due to the similarities between their cultures. The British did not have many similarities, if any, with the Aboriginal people, causing them to suppress their culture and treat them like savages. The lack of cooperation and willingness to learn about each other’s culture between the British and Aboriginals caused the Aboriginal people to loose part of their culture and dignity. We see today that the Aboriginal culture has been suffering and lacking, due to the effects of history. In my opinion, it is unjust that the Aboriginal culture has been suppressed throughout history, due to “differences”. We need to become more excepting of other cultures, especially Aboriginal culture, and embrace the fact that Canada is known for being a diverse and compassionate country.

  20. I believe that the British allowed the French culture to flourish due to the fact that they did not want to create even more tension in Europe between Britain and France, as they were already fighting a war back in Europe. They did not want to create even more conflict so by allowing them to keep their language and culture they could create an agreement between them. The Treaty of Paris signed in 1763, officially declaring the end of the war, was also a factor that negotiated the land that the French were allowed to keep. The French and British were also major trading partners so they would not have wanted to jeapordize that relationship. They had already established a relationship long before meeting the Aboriginals and although they had many differences in culture, the French and English definately had more in common than they did with the Aboriginals. They both shared the common goal of colonizing the New World, which put them both on the same side against the Aboriginals. Although the French were more open to the Aboriginal culture and had a more positive relationship, ultimately they were seeking wealth just as the British were.All that being said, I do not think it is fair that the French got to keep their culture whereas the Aboriginals did not. They were living in North America long before the French and English and basically had their land stolen from them as well as their culture.

  21. I believe that the French where aloud to continue to practice their culture because the english thought that the french were not savages and believed that all the french would have to do to change would be to change their religion and language. Which the english probably thoguht would take little time. Or the french government reasoned with the english on and asked for their people to be treated as equals.

  22. I believe the British allowed the French culture to flourish under their rule because although they had won the war, they still felt threatened by the French. The French were angry about losing a large portion of land and the British may have thought the French were looking for retaliation in the future. Instead of supressing their culture and making the tension worse, the British allowed them to continue to practice their culture. The aboriginals did not pose as large of a threat to the British, therefore the British felt it unnecessary to grant them rights.

  23. In a battle to gain power, which is the lesser evil: the enemy you know or the enemy you don’t? I believe this was the question the British considered when they took New France. The English and the French had been fighting on several occasions back in Europe, though even through these disputes the two nations both practiced similar religions and style of living. In New France, however, the Aboriginals were the odd ones out in the battle, as they practiced and held a vastly different set of beliefs, and were thought of as uncivilized and savage. Ignorance and lack of knowledge on behalf of the British about the Aboriginals created fear and anger toward the seemingly audacious way the “savage” Native Americans were living. Therefore the British, by default, tried to suppress the Aboriginals, and their culture while tolerating the French.

  24. The English and French have dealt with each other for as long as they can remember, even before they started to colonize in New France. Although they may despise each other, they have similarities in their cultures. The relationship between them was not great, but they were aware of each other long before they met the aboriginals. This is the main reason Aboriginal culture was suppressed. Before the English had control, the French were allied with aboriginals, whereas the English preferred to ignore them. Both the English and the French thought the Aboriginals were savages but the English did not trust the aboriginals and therefore did their best to not deal with them. Both the French and English also believed the aboriginal way of life and culture was different and did not allow it. The English, knowing more about the French, allowed them to continue their way of life.I believe the British suppressed the aboriginal culture because they did not trust or understand the aboriginals’ way of life; partly because of the short history with them. What happened back then shows today because Aboriginal culture is still suppressed. The English only trusted their religious views and also were treating the Aboriginals this way because of race. Later on came residential schools, which are a prime example of the suppression of Aboriginal culture. The suppression has resulted in many problems nowadays with the reserves and poverty and affects the aboriginals today.

  25. Even though the French and British were enemies, the Aboriginals were considerably different from the both. When the British took control of New France, in my opinion, they allowed the French culture to flourish because they were not savages. Even though the French were enemies, the English probably noted that they shared many similarities. The French and English had European roots, shared a similar religion, and practiced a similar way of life. The only thing different was language. However, when the British looked at the Aboriginals they saw only a group of savages who were nothing like themselves. They were Christian; they lived in tents, and looked noticeably different. Perhaps the British were afraid of what was different, and their mechanism of dealing with that fear was suppression, which is why I believe that the British did not suppress the French, while the Aboriginals were ostracized.

  26. The reasons that the British chose to suppress Aboriginal culture while allowing French culture to fluorish are complex. The reasons are actually linked to why the French allowed aboriginal culture to fluorish when they initially colonised New France; what their needs were.When the French colonised New France they were coming in order to exploit natural resources, notably fur and also to try to find a route to the Orient. With this in mind, the French clearly needed aboriginals to help them find game, and also to guide them further to the west. Therefore, it would have made no strategic sense to estrange aboriginals by suppressing their culture.When the British came, the things which they were trying to accomplish from the land were basically the same; they were trying to get fur. However, because the French slready had knowledge of local game and other such things, the British did not need aboriginal guides to find fur. Therefore, they did not think that they had any use for aboriginals and suppressed their culture. Meanwhile, they did need subjects to rule over in Quebec and Montreal. Because of this the British need the French and allowed their culture to continue to thrive.Overall, the reason that the British suppressed aboriginal culture is because they no longer needed aboriginals as a result of earlier French colonization. They allowed French culture to survive because they needed the French to continue to live as royal subjects in New France

  27. I believe that the English did not suppress the French, because they did not think that the French were savages. The aboriginal way of life was preceded as barbaric to the British, where as the French cultural was similar in some respects. The British had a past and closer relationship with the French, which could be factored into why they picked the French over the Aboriginals. They also did not understand that Aboriginals way of life. The British also thought that the aboriginal were not as big of a threat as the French, so they felt like they didn't have to grant them their rights. This also shows in Canada today, with the residential schools. Many Aboriginals people have been affected in the past, and is still being carried on into the future.

  28. I belive that the reason why the Aboriginal culture was suppressed when the English took control of New France is because of cultural differences and previous history.First of all,both France and England were from europe,and this was the fact that caused English people to think Aboriginal culture was weird and different culture than european culture,so French culture was familiar to English culture.Secondly,the Aboriginals were seen as the savages from Enlgish and French people because European people were from civilized continent.Lastly,France and England's religions were both based on catholic, but,in contrast,Aboriginal's religion wasn't.

  29. I think Aboriginal culture was suppressed by the British due to the extreme differences, whereas the French did have some similarities with the British. The British did not understand the Aboriginal culture, therefore they were suppressed. On the other hand, the British shared some qualities with the French. They had similar styles of living and were equally developed. Even though the British had an equal hatred towards the French, they were able to understand them so they allowed their culture to continue on.Another reason is that the French and British had coexisted before. This helped the French’s cause because the British had dealt with them before. When the British encountered Aboriginals it was something new to them so they decided to destroy the Aboriginal culture.

  30. Although the Aboriginals and French were both enemies of the British, I believe that Aboriginal culture was suppressed because of the cultural differences and previous history. The beliefs of the French and English were quite similar therefore creating a bond that the Aboriginals did not share. The French and British both viewed the Aboriginals as "savages" and discarded many of beliefs. Both the French and British saw the Aboriginals as assets and only befriended them for convince. Initially, the French recognized the Aboriginal people would be of great value when developing New France; they provided knowledge of land and survive skills. They also provided great allies during war times; both the French and English recognized this and used them for protection. But aside from this, they did not see a need to respect or associate themselves with them. This racist view led to the discrimination, segregation and current day issues.

  31. After the British had won the war there was a time of peace and rebuilding that had to go on in the North American colonies. During this rebuilding the British crown decided that their long standing enemy, the French, should be aloud to stay and continue living their lives. But the British did not believe that the Native Americans, who had been there for hundereds of years before the first European explorers had ever sailed near North America, should be aloud to keep living the same way. The colonies decided that the Natives should have to either assimilate or be decimated. The Native Americans, now having relied on european merchants for muskets and other weapons were forced to try and merge into the european culture of the colonies

  32. The French and the English had coexisted in Europe for many generations, they had fought many wars against one-another. They had come to have some appreciation for the other’s culture; they had many similar beliefs and views, as well as a similar religion. They were both “sophisticated” European nations. In the eyes of the English, the Aboriginal people were “savages” that spoke a language foreign to them. The culture, religion, beliefs and the lifestyle of the Aboriginal people was completely unknown to both the French and the English, which may have made them uncomfortable. The Europeans had no appreciation for the Aboriginal people. The British were unaware and uninformed about the Aboriginals, which lead the British to fear and anger the Aboriginal people and their culture. These factors caused the British to suppress the Aboriginal culture while letting the French culture flourish.

  33. The reason that the Aboroginal Culture was supressed is because the English still favored the French Culture even though they were not allies. The English and French both came from Europe and therefore their beliefs were more identical, even though the French were usually Roman Catholic and the English were not as religious.The Aboriginal Culture was stange and indifferent towards the English and they did not find it easy to accept. Initially, the French accepted them because the Aboriginals guided them and provided them with furs and food for trading. Their knowledge helped the French expand New France.Even though the English and French weren't allies, French Culture went on because the British were more comfortable with this rule.

  34. The issues were mainly with identifying with each other. The French, while still different, had some practises that were the same as the Europeans, and they were considered "civilized" (having already formed subcolonies and large cities). The Aboriginals were considered "Savages" to the English and they needed to be civilized. The French were also able to communicate their desires with the English wereas there were fewer English-speaking Aboriginal people. They had great difficulties with the English simply because they could not communicate that they were unhappy and wanted to be respected.

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