The Invisible Teacher

Inquiry-Based Learning: The Invisible Teacher & Students’ Work as a Measure of Excellence in Teaching?

Have a look at the two videos in the post and the questions, or big ideas, that I have posed. Hopefully these will guide our conversation on Monday.

The “Big Ideas”
1. What is the ratio between my voice and my students’ voices being heard in my class? Whose class is it?

2. What am I preparing these kids for?

3. Can our schools become sweatshops for real-world solutions, or are they merely institutions for passing on culture?

The first film is potentially a glimpse into the “excellence of teaching” from the perspective of a teacher. The second film, a student project, might also exemplify “excellence in teaching”.

One thought on “The Invisible Teacher

  1. Thanks for the easy access to the videos, Matt. I enjoyed watching them and am looking forward to the discussion tonight. I liked that you included a student film as well.

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