No Means No?

Last week, Justice Dewar, a federally appointed judge, gave a lenient sentence to a convicted rapist. You can get the details from this article. Once you have read this article, I would like to read and learn from your comments as to your reaction to this criminal trial.

Both my Grade 9 Canada in the Contemporary World and my Grade 11/12 Law classes will be commenting. I would like you to comment in a specific manner, if I can be so bold as to direct your responses. Teacher’s shouldn’t do this, but there is a method to my madness. I would like you to respond firstly as a student of Law. How does Justice Dewar’s decision affect you as a student of Law? Secondly, how does this decision affect you as a citizen (note I did not use citizen in terms of belonging to a nation state)? Finally, how does this affect you as a female/male?
This is not “for marks”. This is too important for arbitrary numbers that either praise or demean. This is about life and our connection as humans. Please write with purpose, precision and passion.