Colonialism in 6 Minutes

In our Grade 9 Social Studies Class, our Canadian History classes, our US History Class, and even in our Law class, we have been looking a great deal at the continent of Africa – both historically and from a contemporary perspective. It has been really inspiring, as a teacher, to hear your views on revolution, oppression and poverty; issues that seem to plague most of the continent. The BBC and the Royal Geographic Society have created a really cool slide show outlining how Africa has been colonized and divvied up by European interests.

Click on the map to watch the slide show and then answer the following question:
As a student of history, law and/or social studies, what does this slide show say about the current state of many African countries (Libya, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Tunisia etc.) and the role the West has played in this “development”? What are the solutions?

(I know this is still Spring Break, so please think about it over the weekend and respond by April 6).