Election Volunteer Assignment

Welcome students in my Canada in the Contemporary World class (Grade 9). This is where I would like you to post your thoughts and comments related to your volunteer experience over the course of the Provincial election. You can make multiple posts and please comment on the experiences of your peers. Also, please remember that 7 billion people can potential view your post – so professional writing is a must!

I hope you have a great time taking in how grassroots democracy works. If you have pictures or videos and would like them posted, please email them to me.

33 thoughts on “Election Volunteer Assignment

  1. I just finished volunteering at the NPD headquarters in Kildonan. My job was to call homes and ask who they are voting for. Most people were not home, and the rest told me they were 'undecided' Hopefully when I volunteer for a couple days next week I will get better results. I Even got to meet Dave Chomiak (MLA). He talked to me about how he got into politics and asked me what are my plans for the future. He told me I can approch him at any time and he will be willing to answer any of my questions. (I was relived to hear this, because I was a bit nervous, about to video part of the project). I really enjoyed voluntering, and am looking forward to doing it again next week!More posts to comeMarko Roslycky

  2. Marko – Sounds like you had a productive time. It's pretty cool that you were able to meet an MLA!Thanks for being the first to post. This is exactly what I am looking for. Mr. Henderson

  3. Hi Mr. HendersonI had a great weekend volunteering at the campaign headquarters for Theresa Oswald. They had me putting stickers on envelopes. The Honourable Theresa Oswald (Minister of Health) took time out of her extremely busy schedule to grant me an interview. I had a great weekend volunteering and Ms. Oswald said I was a tough interviewer. 🙂 They asked me to come back next weekend to volunteer again because I was such a great help. :)Amy Lee

  4. I just got back from volunteering for the Progressive Conservative party. They had me go door to door in my neighbourhood and ask people who they were voting for; then I would tell my supervisor who would record the results. If people had any questions/concerns, wanted a lawn sign, or wanted to get involved with the PC campaign I had to write down their name and phone number. When I first started talking to people it was a bit frightening, but after a few dozen houses I felt more comfortable. The majority of the people I asked were unsure of whom they were going to vote for, but I did run into a handful of people who said they were going to vote for the Fort Whyte PC MLA (Hugh McFadyen). Tonight was very productive and I'm looking forward to volunteering again on Wednesday!

  5. After a fun day at Assiniboine Park today, I volunteered at Heather Stefanson's Progressive Conservative outpost in Tuxedo. I began my evening with adding postage to stacks of envelopes. I hadn't a clue what was in them, but I did find out later, after using two rolls of postage! Once I started to fill the envelopes, I discovered that they were, in fact, letters written to the people of River Heights. I noticed how informative they were, giving any reader knowledge of the upcoming provincial election, and of course promoting Marty Morantz, the MLA of that particular constituency. It's interesting to work for Heather Stefanson, along with another MLA at the same time! I also had the chance to bundle up the doorknob ads for the canvassing team. I got to take home a variety of PC promotional campaign material that I'll be distributing tomorrow when I (hopefully) venture out to canvass! Aside from these, they also offered pizza and a lot of candy to snack on. That's incentive enough to go back to volunteer! I'll be sure to update again tomorrow. -Alex Chin

  6. Post #2Today was another busy day of volunteering. I was disturbing a lot of families’ dinners, by asking them who they are voting for. Unfortunately many people are not planning to vote in this election. The campaign manager said she was disappointed to hear this. I also had a few encounters with people who did not speak English. (It was pretty tough to get them to understand me and what I was trying to say!) My aunt was even on the list of people I was supposed to call. I found that pretty neat! The headquarters closed at 7 pm. The ladies thanked me for all my help and they are looking forward to seeing me there for a third time on Saturday. Mr. Dave Chomiak, the MLA, was not at the headquarters today. I emailed him to try to arrange a time for me to interview him on Saturday. I walked home with a sense of accomplishment that I had helped out the community.-Marko Roslycky

  7. Finally back from volunteering for the Progressive Conservative Party in Kildonan, and I have to say it was quite an interesting experience. Meeting the candidate Darrell Penner was not as bad as I thought it would be, but quite the opposite as he was very friendly and open to my help in canvassing the neighbourhood. We mainly canvassed various apartments in the area, and I have to say it does not seem like many people are voting for this upcoming election. Very few people actually answered their door, and when they did their response was either that they were undecided or they wanted nothing to do with the election at all. However that wasn't the only issue, as one apartment block we went to the owner would not let us in, which resulted in Mr. Penner having a stern talk with her. Later I found out that we had every right to enter the building, but being denied entrance at the time, we decided to come back another day before the election. Otherwise, I found that it was a great way to get an understanding of the political party and I can’t wait to volunteer again!-Joshua Ilse

  8. On the 22 of September I attended a 2 hour political forum in the Fort Garry-Riverview constituency at the Riverview Community Centre. I had never been to a political forum before and only had a rough idea of what to expect. As I pulled up to the building I couldn’t help but notice a large number of signs on nearby resident's lawns declaring support for the NDP candidate James Allum. On the other side of the spectrum when I entered the building my eyes were assaulted by a good number of red signs prompting viewers to vote for the Liberal candidate Kevin Freedman. The forum was run much like a debate with questions from the audience and limited response time from each candidate. As my family does not live in this constituency some of the local issues were unfamiliar to me. That said one of the large issues of the evening was the location of the Bipole Hydro line and other environmental issues. I found it interesting that the Green party candidate made the suggestion for free post-secondary education (he also drank out of a styrofoam cup!). He argued that it would help the Canadian and Manitoban economy as it has in Germany (currently Germany is one of the more economically stable countries of the European Union). It was notable that the PC candidate wasn’t present at the forum and the other candidates pointed it out repeatedly over the course of the evening. I noticed that the three parties had very similar platforms and agreed with each other on a good percentage of the issues brought forth. I myself asked a question regarding geriatric healthcare and housing. I found each party to have reasonable plans and ideas regarding this issue. Video of their responses to be posted later. Keegan Gajek

  9. After about 4 hours of volunteering at the headquarters of the Progressive Conservative's candidate Heather Stephenson, I conclude by having a lot of fun helping an MLA of my area. On the first day I went there I had to do many small but helpful things to help the PC candidate of my area. I had to first take doorknob adds and bundle them up into 100's to help the canvassing team. I also had to take many letters from boxes and fold them in a way so that the address is visible in the window provided. This task was fun, hard and very useful not for Heather Stephenson (MLA) but for another PC candidate named Marty Morantz, the PC MLA of the River Heights community. These letters may have been some what complicated to pack but the result should be that when the person receives the letter it should have a strong impact on who the person will vote for. The letters were very detailed and they stated some problems that the community was having and and how the Tory's will help fix them. On the second day I went to the same place but did other tasks, I had to call people in the area to ask them if they were voting for Mrs. Stephenson. The ratio of people saying yes to no was about 60:40 which was quite good for the PC MLA. Most of the people in the area were quite pleased with what she had done as the MLA of Tuxedo before! Heather Stephenson was actually running for a re-election this year. Some people said they had no time to vote, and some said nothing and hung up on me! At the end the result was good that most people might vote for her. The best part was that there was unlimited candy, pizza, and other great goodies, so I had some. On Monday the 26th of September, I will be interviewing Heather Stephenson, and the NDP candidate of Tuxedo. The documentary will soon be complete……… -Shrey Gupta

  10. Volunteering for the Progressive Conservatives was a really enjoyable experience! Megan, Amy and I had a little bit of trouble finding the campaign office and spent over 15 minutes standing dumb-founded in a parking lot. We pressed our faces against one of many locked doors and hoped that someone would be there. Finally, Megan proved that she was the smartest one out of us three; she came across the doorbell. A man came to the door and let us in shortly before he went back to watching football. Unfortunately, he was the only one in the building. After many distressed phone calls, we realized that we were at the constituency office and needed to drive across the street to the campaign office. At the campaign office, we met Hugh McFadyen’s mother and our new mentor/supervisor Howard. The three of us and Howard left the office to go canvassing around Whyte Ridge. All we had to do was go door to door handing out little blue cards with phone numbers they could call and larger blue cards they could hang on their door. There were many undecided voters, several very unfriendly voters, and quite a few people voting for Hugh McFadyen! The hours we spent canvassing went by very quickly and we even managed to have fun doing it.Celyna Yu

  11. I'm back again, this time I had the chance to accompany MLA, Heather Stefanson, on her canvassing adventure. She was very friendly which made it fun to talk to her. She shared her tale of how she found an interest in politics, after she graduated from SJR. The process she took was intriguing since she began with a lot of volunteer work first, kind of like what I, as a student, was doing now. We went house to house, meeting people young and old. It was nerve-racking talking to people I'd never met but having Heather alongside me made it less intimidating – I just had to make sure I said the right things! We handed out several varieties of flyers and asked the people if "we can count on your support." The majority was undecided, but there was a fair number of people in favour of the Conservatives which made Heather smile. For those that we couldn't meet (those that weren't home), we'd leave a friendly note to make sure we didn't miss anyone. You can't skip anyone, especially, when every vote counts! The area was very quiet for the most part, but is was definitely great to see the people in my community. Heather showed me much of the door-to-door protocol and made this experience that much more thrilling! In the end, I went back to folding letters and putting letters together, this time for Joyce Bateman. It was great to meet Heather Stefanson, and I'll have to get back to her for another interview!

  12. Today I volunteered for the PC candidate of my riding Marty Morantz. They had me do a few small things such as stuffing envelopes with letters from David Asper and sorting brochures into groups of 100. It was a very fun experience and I am going back tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow I will get to go around door to door. While, I was there a lady came in and told us that Jon Gerrard the leader of the Liberals was at the advanced polls with volunteers campaigning. According to Marty, that is actually illegal. So they called someone to go down and make him leave. Overall it was a very great day and I am excited to go back.

  13. This morning, I got up way too early – nine o'clock – to volunteer for Hugh McFadyen. Celyna's dad drove her, Amy and I to the Progressive Conservative campaign office on Scurfield, but when we arrived, there was no one there to let us in. After about twenty minutes of trying to find a way inside, I saw a very obvious doorbell next to the main entrance – classic facepalm. Someone in the building had been watching a football game with his son on the upper level, and he told us that we'd been pounding on the door of the constiuency office instead of the campaign office, which was where we needed to be.Eventually we did get there, and the lady who gave us the instructions turned out to be Hugh McFadyen's mother – she was really nice, and the man we went canvassing with was even more so. We had to walk around Whyte Ridge and ask people who they'd be voting for, and if they were voting for the Tories we needed to know their names. We got some very odd-looking characters, including a paint-splattered man wearing nothing but boxer shorts, and several people who didn't speak any English at all. By the time we hit the third street, Amy, Celyna and I had a competition going to see who could get the most Tory supporters. I think Amy and I tied for first with ten people on the last street, and we had gathered the names of about 45 people in all by the end of the day. It was actually a lot of fun and I would definitely go back if I could.

  14. Despite the very nice weather yesterday, Megan, Celyna and my attempt at trying to find Hugh McFayden's office in Fort Whyte was quite terrible. We spent 15 minutes searching for the right door and how to get in – we even thought about using a hair pin to break in (kidding) – until Megan, discovered a handy thing called a doorbell. When we were let in, we found out we were actually at the wrong building and headed across the street to the actual building. When we reached the real building, it was quite obvious that it was Hugh McFayden's because his face was plastered on several different posters that were put on the windows. I must say, I was – to my surprise – quite impressed. Although we're children, the people, including McFayden's mother and everyone else treated us really well; not to mention they gave us snacks and drinks (I think I might just go back). After a brief crash course on what to say when canvassing, we were off. We went down 4 streets asking people we had their vote for the conservatives for the upcoming election. In my experience, most were not home, no more than around 7 people said no, and it was a 50/50 with an undecided and a yes. I think that's quite impressive, considering we knocked on people's doorways with out any prior notice and the people at the office thought it was too. Some people were extremely eager to get rid of us out of their doorways, there were some very harsh no's, some people didn't speak a word of english, and others were more than happy to vote for McFayden. It was a lot more fun than I expected it to be… Who knew working for people without getting paid was fun?! It was definitely interesting and having tried this campaigning job myself, next time a volunteer comes knocking at my door, I'll have a bit more sympathy for them instead of slamming the door in their face.

  15. I volunteered for the Progressive Conservative Marty Morantz again. Unlike yesterday, I went out doorknocking. I was very interesting how many people are undecided so close to the election. Today, David Asper actually came out and helped us door knock. He has a lot of pull in the political world. Many people were voting Liberal until David introduced himself and started talking about how Marty was a better choice. Also, Tim Uppal was door knocking with us. He represents the Conservative Party of Canada as the Minister of State (Democratic Reform) in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet. He flew in from Ontario this morning and is leaving tonight. There was also a senator who came to the campaign headquarters for a reception. I don’t remember which one though. I was out door knocking for about 5 hours today and yesterday I was in the campaign headquarters for about 7 hours. I really enjoy volunteering. I am learning a lot. I’m also going back next week.

  16. Just the other day I had a chance to volunteer for the NDP and James Alum; it was very eye opening and really changed my view on politics in Manitoba. They had me walk around and put flyers in the mail boxes of people who supported the NDP. The flyers were to allow people who were going to vote for the NDP to vote earlier and beat the line up at the polls. Even though I got lost while handing out the flyers I still had a good time and they were thankful for my assistance in there campaigning.-Brett Swope

  17. This weekend, I volunteered at two candidate's headquarters, and what a difference between the two parties! First of all at the campaign headquarters of Christine Melnick (MLA for Riel), I did phone canvassing and after 5 phone calls, they asked me to leave because they said the teacher at my school should not be sending kids my age to volunteer. However, at the campaign headquarters of Rochelle Squires (PC candidate for Riel), they made me feel useful and welcome. I made over 100 phone calls and felt a great sense of accomplishment. The campaign manager, Keith, said it was important for kids my age to volunteer so we can understand the political process since we will be voting in four short years. Rochelle Squires' team made me feel very confident in my abilities. They asked me to return next weekend and to bring some of my classmates along. Amy Lee

  18. Today I volunteered for Mrs. Kerri Irvin Ross, the Fort Richmond NDP MLA and the current Provincial Minister of Family Services and Housing. Her campaign manager put me on the most important skill full job: paper shredding. But Mrs. Irvin Ross did not care for that and decided it would be much more educational for me to go to experience a political rally, in which primer Greg Selinger encouraged and addressed all the great work his NDP candidates have done so far. This made for some great documentary footage! Mrs. Irvin Ross and I then spent the afternoon going door to door where we met some very interesting supporters and critics. I watched rough and raw politics in action for a total of 5 hours! But it was just another day at the office for Mrs. Kerri Irvin Ross.

  19. On Friday I went back to volunteer for the Progressive Conservative Party. When I got to the Fort Whyte PC headquarters, they were getting set up to watch the debate on television; when I left to canvass I interrupted a lot of people who were in the middle of watching it. Hugh McFadyen’s brother was even at the headquarters! It was interesting to speak with him and he seemed like a very friendly person. I asked him if his whole family was involved in politics and he said that basically everyone was except for him. This time when I set out canvassing, I was accompanied by four other volunteers. This, and the fact that I had canvassed before, definitely made me feel less nervous. Varying from just handing out doorknocker flyers last time, I was instructed to hand out advanced polling information slips to supporters. I was surprised to discover that there were a lot more PC supporters compared to the last time I volunteered, although there were still a lot of people undecided and even a person who said that they would NEVER vote for Hugh McFadyen. I also ran into a voter with a concern. Since I couldn’t address her concern, I brought my supervisor to her and he dealt with the situation. While I canvassed throughout the evening I realized that the PC party was very well organized. My supervisor explained to me that they have a list of voters in the constituency with corresponding barcodes; when these barcodes are scanned they give information about the voter (such as party preference, voting history, and a rating based on the strength of their support). After a long evening, the other volunteers and I were treated to ice cream at Dairy Queen! It was a well deserved reward to a labour-intensive evening. I have to say, my second time volunteering was much more enjoyable than the first one – I learned many new things and even got a free Hugh McFadyen T-shirt! I am very grateful that this experience has given me lots of good exposure to politics. -Jessica Shieh

  20. Last Friday evening, I interviewed and volunteered for the PC candidate in St. Norbert, Karen Velthuys. Karen explained some of the plans her party had if they got elected. One of the most interesting things she said was that the NDP’s were lying and Manitoba Hydro would never be able to be sold (privatized) without consent from all Manitobans, called a referendum. After the interview, I left to volunteer. My job was to record the results as Karen, her husband, and two other volunteers went canvassing. There were three choices for each voter: happy (voting for PC’s), sad, and undecided. We also offered each voter a lawn sign. At first, it seemed rather slow, (partially because Karen stopped to talk every few houses) but it was more fun than I thought it would be and it was interesting to learn about the campaigning process. For example, I learned that there was a law making it illegal to put election signs anywhere, except on a person’s lawn with their permission. I also was surprised to hear that the reason they kept records was so that, on the day of the election, they would visit all of their supporters who didn’t show up and remind them to vote. That sounded like a lot of work to me, but it was nothing compared to knocking on all twelve thousand doors in St. Norbert at least three times over the last eighteen months! Overall, I was amazed by the amount of work that went into a single election campaign.This afternoon, after getting back from school, I went to the same campaign office and asked to volunteer again. I met the campaign manager Mr. Orton, who told me to drop off campaign materials on several streets. There was a one-page letter that went to every mailbox, and some advance poll cards that only went to several houses. Two other volunteers were doing the same task, and it turns out they were also volunteering for a Social Studies project! I had a good time and felt like I was doing something important for the community.

  21. Today after school, I got off the bus at the tuxedo progressive conservative campaign office. When I got there they asked me to record all the voting statuses of the voters that voted today. Surprisingly it was a really long list, about 500 people. While I was doing that Heather Stefanson came in and introduced herself to me. Then she had to go meet some people. Finishing the vote recording took about an hour and a half. When I was done a bunch of st. paul's guys came and asked if I wanted to go put up signs with them. So I did and it was really awesome, we drove around tuxedo playing 106.1 energy really loud and we had a bunch of candy that the people at the office gave us. We even put a sign up at my place!! It was so awesome. When we got back to the office we all chilled with heather and ate a lot more candy!! Then the st. paul's guys left and I interviewed heather. She was really fun to work with. I really hope she wins the election. I wish I could go back and help more but today was their last day that they needed volunteers at the office. 😦

  22. On the 24th of September, I went canvassing for the Progressive Conservatives. I got to meet Judy Eastman, a candidate for my riding of Southdale. She came out with us as we went door to door. There were several humourous incidents during the canvassing. As I was canvassing at dinner time, many people chased us out if their doors. I found this very humourous. One man even chased us out of his house with his German Shepard. One of the more humourous events that happened was when a man came up to his door walking perfectly fine, but when he got up to the door, he bent over on his side and answered us through his window. It was interesting to see how many people were undecided. While we found 87 people that would vote for the Progressive Conservative party, there were around 400 people that were undecided. The most interesting part of my shift though, was when an elderly woman asked me if I was Hugh Mcfadyens son. When I answered no, she startedyelling at me telling me not to lie to my elders. She wouldn't let me leave her house until showed her my id and proved to her I wasn't Hugh McFadyens son. When we finished our canvassing, Judy Eastman asked me to come by again on Friday and take part in a school volunteer night. I look forward to getting to volunteer again. ~Devan Khanuja

  23. On the 24th of September, I went canvassing for the Progressive Conservatives. I got to meet Judy Eastman, a candidate for my riding of Southdale. She came out with us as we went door to door. There were several humourous incidents during the canvassing. As I was canvassing at dinner time, many people chased us out if their doors. I found this very humourous. One man even chased us out of his house with his German Shepard. One of the more humourous events that happened was when a man came up to his door walking perfectly fine, but when he got up to the door, he bent over on his side and answered us through his window. It was interesting to see how many people were undecided. While we found 87 people that would vote for the Progressive Conservative party, there were around 400 people that were undecided. The most interesting part of my shift though, was when an elderly woman asked me if I was Hugh Mcfadyens son. When I answered no, she startedyelling at me telling me not to lie to my elders. She wouldn't let me leave her house until showed her my id and proved to her I wasn't Hugh McFadyens son. When we finished our canvassing, Judy Eastman asked me to come by again on Friday and take part in a school volunteer night. I look forward to getting to volunteer again. ~Devan Khanuja

  24. On the weekend, Grace, Aryana, Brett and I went to volunteer for James Allum, a NDP running in the Fort Garry-Riverview area. When we got there the lady was explaining to us about what we are going to do. We were going to do a drop. And she was explaining that we were going to put flyers in mailboxes of those that we for sure going to vote NDP. In the small area I was surprised by the number of houses we distributed flyers too. The experience was interesting, but not the most exciting thing that we could have done. I enjoyed the experience and we like to do something like this again in the future. – Shannon K.

  25. Yesterday I volunteered again for Hugh McFadyen. At least this time I knew where I was going, because it was freezing outside! The campaign office is always overflowing with tempting donuts and muffins; it’s hard not to get fat. The food was one of the first things everyone noticed, even Hugh McFadyen; who went door knocking with us. It was great to talk and interview the party leader. I was whisked away from the warm, food filled office onto the Hugh McFadyen bus going to Linden Woods. We started going door to door very early; so many people weren’t awake yet. The few people who did answer the door were in their pyjamas and seemed to be half asleep still. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have even opened the door if someone rang my doorbell so early in the morning.-Celyna Yu

  26. Post #3On Friday, September 30th right after school, I got the fortunate chance to interview the Honourable Dave Chomiak, NDP MLA for Kildonan. I found Mr. Chomiak to be a really friendly and personable individual. It was really nice of him to take time out of his busy schedule, just days before the election, to give time to be interviewed by a teenager. After the interview we spoke about a lot of different topics and THAT could have been another interview in itself. We talked about the election process, the ‘inside business’ of politics, and even what he was planning to have for supper that evening. Mr. Chomiak even spoke some Ukrainian to me! He invited me to come to back to his headquarters on Tuesday and watch the results of the election. There will be a win or lose celebration for all party workers after the election results. I definitely plan on attending Tuesday’s event. After the interview, while I was jetting off to my first Jets game with my father—Mr. Chomiak still had a full evening of door knocking ahead of him. That’s just the tough life of a provincial politician. -Marko Roslycky

  27. I did more phone canvassing at the PC headquarters of Rochelle Squires this weekend. Most of the people I talked to were undecided or they did not want to reveal whom they were voting for. In addition, I got my second interview with another candidate, Ms. Rochelle Squires. She said she was glad that I came to volunteer as I already helped out her campaign. Mr. Henderson's election assignment was an excellent teaching method as we got to learn about politics by actively participating. We learnt a lot of things that could not be taught by reading a book. Kudos to Mr. Henderson, you are a great teacher and I am looking forward to the rest of this term. Amy Lee

  28. The past two days I was at Marty Morantz’s campaign headquarters. Yesterday I went around door knocking with Marty, Mr. McFadyen, and many other volunteers. We covered a lot of ground. I was in the office all day today phone calling different houses. Many people weren’t home but of the few that were home, one person just hung up and two or three others said that they had been called numerous times before and we should take them off the calling list. I watched a scrutineer training session which was interesting. The scrutineers are people who are at the polls making sure everything runs smoothly. Overall this weekend was fun and I'm excited for Tuesday.

  29. Hi Mr.Henderson,Last week I went volunteering for the NDP party. I was with many NDP members and other volunteers in the St. Norbert Riding(my neighborhood)and went house to house and we handed out pamphlets and asked if we could put a sign on their lawns. We had a very good time and the NDP party appreciated my help. Although I did not meet Mr. Gaudreau I had an enjoyable time.

  30. Watching the provincial election turnouts on CBC, I found it was quite contrary to what I actually expected. Honestly, I thought that the Progressive Conservatives might win, and if not come close, for when I was volunteering a majority amount of people were voting for Darrel Penner. However, despite all the hard work the Progressive Conservatives put into campaigning they still lost by a fair amount of votes to the New Democratic Party once again. Not only that, it shocked me that once Greg Sellinger was voted in, he wasn’t very considerate towards Hugh McFayden and his closing speech, choosing to interrupt it midway for his own. With attitude shown like this, I wonder why so many people choose to vote for the New Democratic Party candidate in their area, which brings me to yet another question of why use this riding system in the first place? In my opinion, I believe that we would be much better off voting for a specific party rather than a specific person, as voting for a candidate you are deciding by their attributes, while party-wise you are voting for an entire party’s idea as a whole. If this were in effect I believe that the democracy would be much more beneficial as all citizens votes would be a factor in the winning party.-Joshua Ilse

  31. On Monday, October 3, I volunteered for the Progressive Conservatives. I also got to meet Judy Eastman, a candidate that was running in my neighborhood, Southdale. I went door to door putting door hangers on peoples doors that reminded them when and where to vote because it was the day before the election. I did this for about an hour and a half because that was all that was left to do. When I finished volunteering I saw Judy Eastman again and asked her if I could interview her. She said no because she was to busy but actually wasn't and was just waiting for pizza. She then gave me her email so I could email her my questions. I am still waiting for a reply. Volunteering was very fun and tiring. I had a very good time and would like to do it again sometime in the future.-Nav

  32. last weekend Grace, Brett,Shannon and I all volunteered for the NDP. Our jobs were to go to certain houses and deliver flyers for early voting online. They gave us addressed houses that we had to deliver to. The area was in Osborne for James Allum. We were lucky enough to have an interview with him, however we were only able to ask about five questions before he had to go. Now we all have the same footage which should be funny to watch for our presentations. When we were handing out the flyers the first house was not a very good start. Grace and I went to the first house and a dog started barking viciously at us! As we went on it was very easy and really fun! It was a beautiful day so we really got to enjoy the weather walking from door to door. I had a great time and I can't wait to put all the footage together for the final product!

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