Controlling Supply

We have been discussing ceilings and floors in our economics class lately and how these manifest themselves in the “real world”. We certainly can envision how government can affect things like rent, but what happens when supply is controlled or not in agriculture? With the Tories set to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board, many farmers, suppliers, and retailers are suggesting either a greater control of supply on things such as milk and eggs, or an opening of the free market.

Here is a link to a couple of Globe and Mail articles. READ THEM. Discuss with your family and friends (you’ll be the coolest guy/girl at school!):
Finally, here is a podcast from the CBC Radio program, The Current. Here, the idea of controlling the supply if milk is discussed.
What is your view? Do you think governments should control the supply of commodities? Why do they do it? Please post your response by Friday morning (I’ll give you some marks or chocolate)

Official Denial

As we have explored the art installation entitled (official denial) trade value in progress, what has struck you about what you have learned? What comment did you choose to sew onto the blanket and why? What comment did you write into the book and why?

Please be sure to read the comments of others and comment on their thoughts