The 8th Fire

Did you get a chance to watch this episode of the 8th Fire: ?

Here are some questions that came to my mind. Perhaps you can help me answer them.
1) What do we need to know about history to help us understand how we got to this point?
2) What prejudices or stereotypes of First Nations people do we hold?
3) What are the solutions to some of the problems brought on by colonialism?
Take some time to reflect. Talk to your parents and your peers, and look at the other comments. Be honest, thoughtful, and open. There are no right or wrong answers.

New Hampshire Primary

These primaries and caucuses are confusing. Yikes! To gain some insight, take a look at the results from the Iowa primary. Note how many delegates Romney, Santorum, and Paul garnered. How many do they need to be nominated?

Here is your assignment:
1) What the primary results from New Hampshire on CNN, MSNBC or whatever US-based network you wish starting at 6:00 PM.
2) What is the significance of the New Hampshire Primary?
3) What do the candidates stand for and do they use any language from the Revolution or from Jackson’s era?
4) Finally, do you prefer how party leaders are nominated in Canada or the United States?
Here is a great resource from Al Jazeera demonstrating the road to the the election in November: