Spring Break Musings

Hello Canadian History Peops!

I hope you have all enjoyed your Spring Break and are ready for the third and final term. This term we will be looking at the development of Canada from 1870 on – a tough task in 3 months!

Here are a few articles that struck me about Canadian History over the pats few weeks. Have a look, and please comment on what these mean in terms of why we study history.

Here’s the catch: You must comment based on what the last commentator posted.

Please compete by Wednesday, April 4th at 11:59 PM CST.

Winnipeg Free Press  – Upper Fort Garry

Globe & Mail – Quebec Sovereignty

Globe & Mail – Irish Francophones

Winnipeg Free Press – Residential Schools

Commodity Snapshot – Demand & Supply

Here is the Commodity Snapshot from last Saturday’s Globe and Mail:

High on the Hog
“Hog futures have been rising as many consumers choose pork over more expensive beef, which is selling near an eight-year high. Disease outbreaks in Asia have also lifted North American hog prices.”
90.4 cents – Price, in US dollars, per pound of lean pork on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Friday.
15 – Percentage increase in the price of beef over the past 12 months.
7 – Percentage increase in the price of pork over the past 12 months.
21.1 million – Number of hogs slaughtered in Canadian packing plants in 2010.
Here is your task:
1. Represent this scenario graphically.
2. Provide a written explanation of the shifts and changes in supply and/or demand.
3. Email me a picture of your graph and explanation and I’ll post it.
4. Feel free to comment on what your peers are thinking….


photo (4)Leanne