Teachers’ Institute of Parliamentary Democracy (Part 1)

Hello Grade 9 Students! This week and weekend I will be meeting with a variety of MLAs, the Speaker of the House, Daryl Reid, and the Lt. Governor, Philip Lee. I will have the chance to chat them up and ask them some tough questions. What questions do you have for MLA James Allum, Philip Lee and Daryl Reid? Given the recent Manitoba Budget, what issues are pressing in this Province?

Drop me a few ideas here on the blog and I will keep you up to date via film, photos and my musings!


6 thoughts on “Teachers’ Institute of Parliamentary Democracy (Part 1)

  1. What are your views on the budget plan? Did they follow what you expected?As an MLA, are there any tastks/jobs that you have been given that you find rather interesting?As the Speaker of the House, are any important calls you must make that base of your own opinion? Are you supposed to maintain one view?With the budget decided, is there specific sections you review then give consent as the Lt. Governor?

  2. BRETT SWOPEQuestions1.)What's it like bieng an MLA?2.)Do people recognize you on the street?3.)Whats the toughest part for you?4.)Whats your favourite part?5.)If you could change the budget now would you?6.)If yes what would be your priorities?

  3. Are the views of all MLA's taken into consideration when making the Manitoba Budget?How do you decide on what to fund to what you cut?Is the Manitoba Budget sustainable?

  4. If you could have created the whole budget, what is the biggest thing you would invest in and why? What is your stance on sustainable development and the environment?We rely on the environment to live, why is the environment overlooked in the recent budget report?

  5. What are your opinions about the recent federal budget and how or will they affect our provincial budget?How do you decide what to fund and what to cut from the budget when all programs have great importance?How does the government plan to maintain adequate health care when the amount of regional health authorities has been cut from 11 to 5?How difficult is it to moderate the Legislative Assembly as the Speaker of the House?On a daily basis, what are some complaints/concerns you receive as an MLA?

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