The Charter! Thirty Years of Rights & Freedoms!

Last April marked the 30th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Many major media outlets wrote about this significant event, but the Government of Canada paid little attention to this achievement in our development as a country. Here is a great article from the Globe and Mail identifying why it might be a big deal:

What you are tasked with doing is two-fold. Firstly, review the “You be the Judge” articles in Chapter Two of the text at the back of the room (You’ll have to blow the dust off). Select a “You be the Judge” (there are four). Do you agree or disagree with what the judges ruled? How would you have ruled? Go to the Supreme Court’s website and look up the case using the citation. How did the justices rule? What cases did they use to help them come to a decision?

Secondly, in terms of Gloria Taylor, what articles of the Charter was she suggesting were being violated under BC and Canadian Law?