The Right to Die

sue_rodriguezSeptember 30th marked the 20th anniversary of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in 1993 not to allow Sue Rodriguez the right to seek out a physician-assisted suicide. In Canada, we are still debating the issue and at this point, people are not allowed to assist anyone who wishes to determine when they should die. There have been recent cases, like that of Gloria Taylor, which have brought this issue to the forefront of Canadians.

Just last week, Dr. Donald Low released a filmed interview only days before he died advocating for his right to choose when to die. You can view his testimony here:

Where do you stand on this issues? Is it a question of moral reasoning or does the Charter of Rights and Freedoms suggest that we should be moving a head on this issue? Please respond by using evidence from the Charter and other cases. Here is the Supreme Court Decision. What did the nine justices decide and what rationale did they provide?


One thought on “The Right to Die

  1. Section 7 of the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms states that “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice” this leaves the assisted suicide in a bit of a grey area. According to Wikipedia suicide is usually attributed to people with a mental illness and people with mental illness are defended in the charter. If the person is of clear and sober mind its a different situation, I think that the government should do everything in there power to try to keep the person alive but if the person really wants to go the government should turn there shoulder and let said person end their life with medical assistance. After all even if someone is depressed and wants to kill them selves they can but some one with ALS physically can’t therefore i stand that medical assisted suicide should be allowed only if it is prescribed; id est the patient should meet with a doctor and if the doctor feels that the person is suffering to a very high degree and there’s no turning their illness around then they should be allowed to end there life if that is what they wish to do. I personally believe suicide is NEVER the answer but if some one is terminally ill and thinks otherwise than i accept that and that it should be legal.

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