By-Election Madness

Photo from CBC

Photo from CBC

Today, four by-elections will be taking place: one in Ontario, one in Quebec, and two in Manitoba. I don’t know about you, but I have a great many questions about these by-elections. ┬áLet’s do some research! Firstly, I have posted a few media stories below to help us with the basic content. Secondly, watch what happens tonight.

Your task is as such: 1) Ask a question or two in order to start a few threads 2) Respond to someone else’s question using sound logic and evidence. You can answer more than one question!

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The 411 on 1812

Farewell War of 1812 map.

Recently, while sitting on the Canadian Geographic giant floor map, we started reading an article by Robert Vinegard that suggests that Isaac Brock isn’t the hero of Queenston Heights. In fact, the credit should go to Sheaffe and Norton. Vinberg suggest that Brock’s celebrated herosim has become a myth.

We decided to think and talk about via good old fashioned phone conversations!