The Weirdest Sections of the Criminal Code

We had some fun looking for some odd laws within the Criminal Code. Check it out and please some of your own!


Section 427 – Trading Stamps

Summary. What about the kids?


Section 365 – Pretending to Practice Witchcraft (summary offence)

Actus Reus – Pretends to be a witch? Halloween?


Section 143 – Offering a reward for a returned stolen item (summary offence)

Section 371 – Telegram in false name (Indictable offence – Max five years!). does this cover email and texting?

Section 264.1 – Threatening to punch a pet bird in the face


Section 167 – Immoral Theatrical Performance


Section 294 – Unlawful solemnization of marriage


Section 71 – Duels

Actus Reas – To provoke, accept, invite to a duel.

Indictable, 2 years.


Section 159 – Anal Intercourse

Indictable, 10 years.

Why is this on the books?


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