Holiday Links!


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Here are some links that I put together over the holidays. Enjoy and please add via the comment section.

Make your own info graphics:

Test your world geo:

12 Maps that Changed the World:

History of Middle East peace Talks:

Aljazeera Interactive 2013 Timeline:

Embed your Prezi’s into WordPress:

The Biggest Scientific  Moments of 2013:

100 Things we didn’t know last year:

The best ads of 2013:

9 articles on Education from the Atlantic:

20 Best  PechuKuchas of 2013:

Best space images of 2013:

How-to-teach resources 2013 (The Guardian):

Statistics Canada’s stats for holiday consumption (yikes):

Infographics from the Guardian:

BBC’s Interactives:

Democracy Now – Year end review 2013:

Chomsky’s Media Control:

Map: Girls not in Post-Secondary:

The known Universe in six minutes:

Norma Hall’s site of Provisional Government:

Social History of Women in Canada syllabus:

Woman and History: Rethinking Canada:



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