Confederation Identity Theft

When I was taught Canadian history a million years ag0 (1992), I was given the generic story about Confederation: what were the causes, who were the fathers of Confederation, etc. Later in life, however, I began to read about radical history from the likes of Howard Zinn and began to look deeper at Canada’s story.

My students have recently delved, as an exercise in history, at juxtaposing traditional views of history with alternative perspectives. As such, each student has selected a “father of Confederation” and described his rationale for wanting a federal union while creating a character, most likely marginalized by the establishment, who would have been affected by Confederation.


The result is two very different histories which help to identify cause and consequence on a much larger scale. We have uploaded our work on a Google document whereby you can make comments. Please feel free to contribute constructive criticism and/or ask questions. Just click on the image to access their work or click here.

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