Legislative & Judicial Fun!

Hanging out at the Legislative Building

Hanging out at the Legislative Building

What a great day we had at the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba and the Law Courts! We were able to take in Provincial court, Queen’s Bench, and even the Manitoba Court of Appeal. We were also able to sneak into Question Period, chat with the Minister of Education, and even meet the Lieutenant Governor.

This was all fun, but let’s see if we we were able to learn anything or apply or theoretical knowledge from the curriculum.

Here is a link to the Provincial Government’s curriculum for this course: Canada in the Contemporary World. Sift through the outcomes and see if you can identify certain elements from the document that you observed at either the Courts or the Legislative Building.

Below, write about what you observed and provide examples.

Minister of Education, James Allum.

Minister of Education, James Allum.

Try to prove that you have achieved these outcomes which the people of Manitoba want you to learn. Secondly, what surprised you or challenged your assumptions at either place? How as the Legislative Assembly different from City Council?

Write a comment below. Feel free to respectively comment on what each other are sharing. Remember to provide concrete examples from our amazing trip!

Meeting the LT. Governor

Meeting the LT. Governor




18 thoughts on “Legislative & Judicial Fun!

  1. I think i have achieved most maybe all of these outcomes during our classes through the lectures, but I think the visit to the law courts and legislative secured my knowledge on this points by actually physical analysing the actual thing such as question period and the many trials we visited. I was very suprised at how long the crown talked about the jury and the specific procedures that they had follow. The Legilsative is where people make the laws and City Council is where they enforce the law and punish those people who broke the law.

  2. I was not here for the event but I do belive from all the comments it was a great learning excise that would of really helped the visual and physical learing about the criminal law and justice systems.

  3. At the law courts, we went around to several different courts, however there were a couple which we could not, as they were youth cases. This corresponds with the curriculum, as we were just learning about the YCJA, which makes it so there is a closed court for youth. We also went and watched question period, which corresponds with the topic Representing Canadians, or Democratic Processes. What surprised me at the law courts was how fast the process of a trial can be. We went to a case where they had just begun, and they had estimated that they would be finished in two weeks. I was also surprised at the legislative building at how all the MLAs got along, and then when question period started, they were all yelling at each other. The legislative building was different from city council, as in City Council, everyone seemed to work together more, rather than one side opposing the other. The Councillors seemed to express their own opinions, rather than following a party like the Legislative Assembly, as there is no parties at City Council.

  4. I really enjoyed my time at the Leg. and Law Courts! The law courts were very interesting because I had a completely different idea of what happened. Firstly, the courtrooms were tiny! I always imagined them much bigger. Also, there was a lot of talking at the very beginning by the judge. I think because it was the first court date but she mentioned a lot about the rules and talking mainly to the jury. Also a quick question: since the trial goes on for days/weeks, do they have the same jury the whole trial? I have been to the Legislative building a lot, and for me it was pretty straight forward. The only new thing was going to question period. I enjoy it but it was quite tough going because there was so much going on at the beginning with all the holidays and stuff. But I like question period because it’s like a debate and I like debating and it was cool seeing how making new laws work. It’s different from when we went to City Council because City Council focuses on fixing stuff for Winnipeg and helping the city (Municipal), while the Legislative building focuses on making laws in MB (Provincial). The CCW Curriculum # I noticed throughout the day was KC-005. I noticed it at both the Law Courts and Legislative building because The Leg. deals with creating news LAWS while the Law courts deal with SECURITY, LAWS, RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS etc. Overall the trip was very good, and would love to stop by and go back soon!

  5. After looking through the outcomes of the document and there were many things I think I have learned from the past year and from the field trips we took to City Council, the law courts and the Legislative. For example I have learned about referendums, different rights and freedoms. Also I learned about the key components that are very important for council meetings to be in session like the speaker and understanding the trials in different ways. When we went to the law courts and the Legislative I was very surprised about how relaxed the lawyers were together even when they were on different sides also I was surprised about the amount both sides of the Legislative agreed with each other (excluding question period). The Legislative Assembly is responsible for the province and deals with issues like education, health care, highways and agriculture. The MLAs are elected to represent the riding in which they were elected. Whereas the City Council is the municipal government that deals with by-laws and are responsible for public transportation and recycling in their city.

  6. While going through multiple courts, and touring the Legislature, I observed multiple elements from the curriculum. One example of an element from the curriculum that I observed is the KC-010 segment on the document. The segment talks about the responsibilities and processes of the justice system. Another example of an element is a part of the segment KC-007 which asks for the responsibilities and processes of the legislative.

    While going through the courts I was able to learn how the accused would go through the trial process. The prisoners would be escorted from the remand center, through some tunnels and then appear in court. When visiting the Legislature I observed the elected MLAs argue about laws that the current provincial government (NDP) want to pass. Through this observation, I was able to get a better understanding of how laws are passed in the Legislature.

    My biggest surprise on the field trip was during QP at the Legislature. I was surprised how the MLAs on the opposition would heckle the person whom was speaking on the government side, to the point of which I could hardly even hear them. This was surprising because I always thought of this process being a lot more civil and formal. On top of this, I was surprised to see that the government hardly said anything whenever the opposition member would speak.

    The Legislative Assembly is different from the City council from one main reason, the Assembly is divided into multiple parties, while the City council is made up of representatives. Since the Assembly is divided into parties, there is a lot more fighting between them and a lot more disagreement. Because of this, the parties rarely get a long. In the City council however, counselors could find themselves agreeing with others far more often. Lastly, the Assembly is different because it focuses on passing laws for the province while city counsel focuses on laws within the city.

    • It sounds like you guys had a great trip! It’s a pity I wasn’t able to go. I think that I would have really enjoyed seeing Question Period in the Legislative Building. I like debating and would be interested in seeing the clash between parties, and frankly watching people yell at each other is pretty exciting. In the City Council, members tended to agree with each other quite often and everyone was quite composed and formal. I’m wondering, when it wasn’t Question Period, was the Legislative Building just as formal as the City Council or was it as rowdy as Question Period?

  7. We have learnt a lot this year in Canada in the Contemporary World. After looking at the grade nine outcomes for Canada in the Contemporary world I realize how much we have really learnt and been taught about. Going to the legislature and the law courts this week has really helped me get a better understanding and further my knowledge about a lot of what we have learnt this year. To start I have learned a lot about how city council and Manitoba legislative meetings run and how there is a speaker that knows all of the rules so that everything runs smoothly. I have also learned a lot about law and how the law works Municipally, Provincially and Federally. Going to the law courts also really helped me get a further understanding about how court works. The case I watched was a provincial court case but I thought it was really interesting during the tour to see how different the court of queens bench is from the provincial court. I witnessed seeing an accused going through the first stage of they’re trial. It was very interesting to actually see a case happening right in front of me after talking about the law and what happens during a trial in class. All year we have been learning about the Legislative assembly. The legislative assembly consists of MLA’s which are people that are elected by they’re “zone” to attend the MLA, Manitoba legislative assembly. The MLA is primarily responsible for dealing with provincial “things” good and bad. All in All I have learned so much this year so far in Canada in the Contemporary world and cannot wait to learn a lot more!

  8. On the day of the trip to the Manitoba Legislative Assembly and Law Courts, I believed it was very beneficial and that it added to my understanding of how the law system works! When we split off into our own separate groups and went off to courtrooms to witness different cases, I have learned the different parts of the courtroom and how the trial unfolds. We went to the legislative assembly where we saw most of the MLA’s. At the beginning of Question Period, what I found pretty neat was when the Mace was brought in and I was able to witness the parade! In section KC-005, City Council deals with city issues such as by-laws, public transportation, and recycling, which can affect our lives. The Legislative Assembly deals with issues like health care, education, highways and agriculture in the province. In section VP-015, I witnessed individuals having freedom of speech and association. Overall, I have learned a lot about the Law courts and the Manitoba Legislative Assembly and that even though it was educational, it was also fun and interesting too!

  9. From Pran:
    During my time in the law courts I went to several different trials. By going on this field trip it reinforced my understanding of what occurs in a court. I also learned new things such as prisoners are escorted through tunnels from the remand center and the judges also go through tunnels to go to the courtroom. I was also surprised at the size of the law courts most of them were a lot smaller than I imagined, however the Queens Bench was a very big court. I also learned more about the jury (how they are picked and whats their role during the trial). At first I thought that serving in the jury was not a very difficult job.But when I was attending a case that involved a jury I was very taken back with the amount of responsibility and directions they must follow! I was very surprised that the judge took such along time explaining what the jury’s role was and how they need to keep an open mind during the trial (not be influenced by the media).

    When we visited the Legislative I was very astonished by how beautiful the inside of the building was and the cost of making the building. I also learnt about the Kelly house and the history of the making of the legislative. The tour was very interesting and meeting the Lieutenant Governor and the Minister of Education was also a pleasure, even though I was shy. Question Period! Well the first part of question period was boring but when the debate really started I was surprised how much heckling took place! It was surprising because the parties were getting along perfectly fine a few minutes before.

    The Legislative Assembly and the City council are different in many aspects. Firstly the members of the City council are elected from the city of Winnipeg and the members of legislative are elected from the Province. The Legislative Assembly passes laws for the province while the City Council focuses more on events taking inside the city. Also members of the Legislative belong to different parties so they have a divide in the Assembly. However members of the City Council are not tied to parties so they have a lot more freedom and speak what they truly believe.

    From the CCW curriculum I observed that elements from KC-007 because it deals with the responsibilities and processes of the legislative and judicial branches of the federal government. I observe KC-010, because it involves the responsibly and process of the justice system. It also involves the YCJA, we could not go to a couple courts because youth trials were taking place. I think the trip was great and I had fun!

  10. The law courts was definitely my favourite part of our trip, and I wish we could have stayed there the whole day. I knew the courts process was a lot slower than what we saw on television, but I was still surprised at how slow it was. The judge took about 30 minutes to explain the process to the jury, then the Crown took quite awhile to summarize the case, and I was excited to see the cross-examinations of the witnesses just as the judge called for a 20-minute recess. By then we had to leave, and that made me realize that trials must go way slower than I expected so that no important information is missed. I also wish that we could have seen an appeal. Just in this morning I learned a lot about law, and I wish we could study it longer. In the afternoon at the Legislative Building, we learned a lot about the purpose of the Legislative Building and the Golden Boy. We also got to see Question Period which at first I had no idea what was going on but I was surprised at how casual the debate was. It was loud and people were laughing at one another; it was kind of a shock. Before this, I wasn’t aware that Question Period took place every workday, and frankly I had no idea what was talked about or the its purpose until our visit. Overall, I found our field trip to the law courts and the Legislative Building very interesting and educational.

  11. Although I wasn’t able to go on the trip, I heard about it from my classmates that were able to go. It sounds like it would have been a really interesting and relevant trip. Based on the comments people wrote, I think watching the actual process of a trial was a good way to end our law unit and it helped them have a more complete understanding of the judicial system in Canada. Although everyone said the trials happened very slowly, I’m still wish I could have been there at the law courts. I think I would have been able to apply what I have learned in class to help myself understand what was going on. I think everyone who was there was able to do that, because you can tell by their comments that they had a good understanding of what was happening because they used the right terms, like “the crown” and “cross examination”.

  12. The law courts were for sure my favourite part of this field trip. I was surprised on how long the process of the whole trial takes. Unfortunately, we only had about 2 hours to see the trials, but during that time, I learned a lot. Most of the knowledge that I took in was from the first trial I went to. The judge explained the duties of the Jury, and I found it very interesting. I also got to witness one of the witnesses of the trial, (a cop) explain what happened, and provide evidence. It was also cool to see the crown do their duties. The legislative council was fun to watch. I enjoyed the tour of the legislative building, and going into blue room was a great experience. The legislative council is where members of council make laws, and city council is where members enforce, and punish citizens who break the law. It was fun to see question period. It was interesting how everyone got along with everyone, and then right when question period started, it was total mayhem, with yelling, and screaming. Overall it was a fun trip.

  13. This field trip was helpful towards us learning about the law courts in canada. We actually got to physically see and analyze how trials are carried out, as well as question period at the legislative building. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to meet the minister of education, James Allum and the LT.Governor, who we were able to identify, which surprised me (KC009). Learning about the history of the golden boy/eternal youth and what it truly stands for was very helpful since many Manitobans are unaware of it but we shouldn’t be since part of being a citizen is knowing canada’s unique background (KC-013). The main thing that i was most surprised of was the lengthy duration of the trials. Unlike CSI, the trials are much slower paced and less dramatic, much more information is given and taken in. Cross examinations were very detailed as well; allowing the information to be heard properly. We also learnt about the remand center(not the best place) and how judges are brought thru tunnels for their own safety. These law courts helped me see how the federal/provincial/municipal government affects our daily lives thru the law and how we can misuse our own rights and freedoms (KC-005). City council also discus transportation/environmental laws which affect our daily lives as well (KC-005). Also, participating in a jury allows you to use your freedom of speech and voice your thoughts democratically as a citizen (VP-015). Visiting the Legislative was very surprising as well. We were given a seating chart and were able to spot our MLA’s, mine being Matt Weibe (KC-009). For a while it was a little boring but afterwards the tone changed dramatically. Everyone soon began heckling and voicing their opinions loudly (especially opposition), but it was all part of the process (KC-008). Overall we were able to see how a trial actually takes place, and how the role of laws and the government affect it. We also discovered how being part of the jury helps you express your role as a canadian citizen as well. During QP, we discovered the role of the MLA’s and how the process works (KC-007). The Legislative Assembly deals with issues like education, health care, highways and agriculture and looks at the province(make laws). Whereas the City Council is what deals with recycling, public transportation and by-laws thru the municipal government (enforce laws).

  14. Unfortunatly I was not able to attend the field trip to the law courts. However, being there would definetly help with the understanding of how the provincial courts work. I have very much enjoyed learning about the government and law systems, and epxeriencing it firsthand would be very beneficial in the understanding and learning of how they work and apply in a real life situations. Question period would have also been very interesting to see, as it would show you how the city debates about laws, and I would have loved to listen on what they had to say on specific topics.

  15. I Learned lots from the field trip to the Legislative assembly and the Law courts. My favourite Part of this field trip was most definitely the Law courts, since I had been to the Legislative several times now. At the Law courts I learned that they take safety very seriously. Our class had to walk through a director, sillier to the ones you go through in an airport. I was abel to witness an accused man have to walk with hand cuffs and have 2 police officers walk him to down the hallway. The Police officers made us move to the left side of the hallway, and the police and the caused had to walk on the right side. The police officers did this to assure the safety of the people. My favourite court case I saw was when a police officer was showing pictures of the scene to the Judge, as evidence. While this was happing the accused was in the room. I learned that there are hallways that are just made for the Accused to walk to the different court rooms. Overall I had a fun and learned a lot about our court system.

    The legislative assemble was a lot more chaotic then the City council. In the Legislative assemble every one worked as a group in there party, compared to the city council, where it seemed liken the people more had personal beliefs, rather then a group belief.

  16. I feel I’ve got a better understanding of the legislative and judicial branches in Canada and that I have reached the outcomes. Since most of the experience and knowledge I know or assume about law was based on television dramas, I was surprised to find out that there were a few similarities but a lot of differences. I found that the the pace and environment of the law courts were very different from the tv. The legislative and judicial branches were quite different, and I definitely prefer the leg over the law courts. I feel that the leg had a more productive environment compared to city council and that the issues that were dealt in the leg affects majority of manitobans rather than just a community or riding. I learned a lot from this trip and enjoyed it very much, and experiencing the process of judicial and legislative branch was almost liberating, because it’s not just an event that happens on tv but a process people can go through and watch everyday.

    I’m really sorry this is late, I hope you see it and mark it. Thank you.

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