Global Citizenship: A Stab in the Dark

I have recently been trying to deconstruct and analyze the notion of global citizenship, mostly as a tangential interest into some other research, but also in light on this omni-present commodification of education and attacks from neoliberal camps.

This is what I have been monkeying around with given recent readings from Appiah, Nussbaum, and Ruitenberg. Let me know what you think:

Global citizenship can be conceptualized as our capacity to imagine and mitigate the plight of others (including people, other species, and ecosystems) based on our capacity for critical examination, our ability to acquire and generate significant knowledge about the world, and our willingness to engage in imaginative compassion which surpasses all boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, and class.


One thought on “Global Citizenship: A Stab in the Dark

  1. I do agree with the sentiment in your words. I also think it is more. It is an understanding of our own place in the world. That we are apart of something bigger. We can appreciate and even try to mitigate the plight or situation of others but do we understand our own connection to it. Do we understand that we are all part of one global environment and how for instance the melting of the polar icecaps or the tar sands can negatively impact other parts of the world, other people. Despite how much easier it is to connect globally when we look at what we do and our situations and our view is often very insular. I just watched as labourers from Nicaragua picked cantaloupe in Costa Rica for Del Monte which will find their way onto the shelves of your local Superstore in Winnipeg. We certainly could end poverty but at a great price to the way we live in North America and the other G7 countries.

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