A Walk Down Main Street — Historical Thinking

From Winnipeg Free Press via City of Winnipeg Archives (Portage & Main)

From Winnipeg Free Press via City of Winnipeg Archives (Portage & Main)

In our Canadian History classes at St. John’s-Ravenscourt School, we have been investigating the notion of history itself and the historical thinking concepts. We have had great conversations, spoken to world-class historians and archivists, and have done some heavy lifting. Now, it’s your turn to apply some of the skills and time to DO history!

On September 24th, we will have the opportunity to explore Main Street in Winnipeg. We will begin our journey at The Forks, where people of been meeting an trading for thousands of years. Next, we will hit up the new Upper Fort Garry to see how Red River began to develop. From there, we will cross Main Street and visit Union Station. Next, we will head to north on Main to take in some of the locations related to the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919. Our day will end with a special tour of the St. Boniface Museum.

Check out the films below to help you familiarize yourself with these amazing locations!

The Forks


Upper Fort Garry

Union Station

Winnipeg General Strike

St. Boniface Museum


Your task, during and following the tour, is to create your own historical walking tour of Winnipeg. As we walk down Main Street, decide what buildings and location are significant. Using Evernote, jot down notes, capture audio, take photos, shoot some video. Gather us much information as possible about these places and ask yourself what sort of evidence do you need in order to prove that they are significant. As well, try to explain the evolution of this area from 6000 years ago until today.

To help you, here are Randy Turner’s impressive articles in the Winnipeg Free Press entitled City Beautiful. What content can you pull from his histories and what primary sources does he use? These might prove useful and might help you decide what types of documents you might need.

Finally, you will create a walking tour and you will actually take friends and family on it! More on this part later…

Good luck!


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