Historical Perspective & Primary Sources: The Middle Passage

From Slave Voyages images database.

From Slave Voyages images database.

In order to examine how we generate historical perspective and also to explore the North American slave trade through primary sources, our US History learning community decided to create narrative podcasts. These histories had us explore various primary sources, notably at Slave Voyages, and then use the works of Howard Zinn and Lawrence Hill to create the story of a person who may have been stolen from Africa.

Here is a sampling of our work:

Qing Dynasty: Cause & Consequence

chinamap2Over the past few weeks in the History of Modern China, we have been looking at the six historical thinking concepts and how these might lead us to ask powerful questions about history. Here is a sampling of how we used cause and consequence in order to develop research questions and subsequent arguments related to the rise and fall of the Qing dynasty.