China: An History of Shared Human Existence

This year in the History of Modern China class, we have narrowed our understanding of history into two ideas. the first is what Hegel might call a quest to understand human existence, and the second, as according to Desmond Morton, sees history as a shared human experience.

If this is the case, that history can be qualified by what both Hegel and Morton offer, how does your inquiry into Modern Chinese history help us understand either or both our existence on this planet and how we might conceptualize our shared human experience?

Can you use examples from news articles in recent weeks to help you argue your case? What specific events, movements and people might be fodder for your claims? Read the following article and watch the film from this Aljazera article to help you:

History of Civil Rights: Ken Burns Style!

AH- jazz music from Mariam S. on Vimeo.

American History-Civil Rights Movement from Stefano Castellaneta on Vimeo.

American History Term Test 3 Ken Burns Film on Civil Rights from Piers Grenier on Vimeo.

Ken Burns esque movie from Jonathan Lerner on Vimeo.

Civil Rights Ben Burns Movie from Jessica Ransby on Vimeo.