Matt Henderson is assistant superintendent of Seven Oaks School Division, a PhD candidate at the University of Manitoba, and an instructor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Winnipeg. He was the founding principal of the Maples Met School — a Big Picture Learning school.

Catch a Fire: Fuelling Inquiry and Passion Through Project-based Learning

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Courses Designed & Taught

Topics in Experiential Education

Project-based Learning Theory

Project-based Learning Applied

Book Reviews

Christine M’Lot & Katya Adamov Ferguson — Resurgence

Gregory Forth — Between Ape and Human

Mike Berners-Lee — The Carbon Footprint of Everything

Dawn Morgan — Unsettled

Joe Miller — The Vaccine

Charlie Angus — Cobalt

Evelyn Forget — Radical Trust

Tomson Highway — Permanent Astonishment

Jody Wilson-Raybould. — Indian in the Cabinet

Clayton Thomas-Müller — Life in the of City of Dirty Water

Alex Renton — Blood Legacy

Jamie Swift & Eleanor Power — The Case for Basic Income

John Boyko — The Devil’s Trick

Mark Carney — Values

Alexandra Morton — Not on my Watch

Robert Boschman — White Coal City

Dammed — Brittany Luby

Ted Glenn — Embedded

James Raffan — Ice Walker

Janice Forsyth — Reclaiming Tom Longboat

Jeff Reuben — The Expendables

Claire Bond Potter — Political Junkies

Cynthia Levine-Rasky & Lida Kowalchuk — We Resist

Max Hamon — The Audacity of his Enterprise

Sheila Jones — Let the People Speak

John Mighton — All Things Being Equal

Edward Snowden — Permanent Record

Sara Rose Cavanaugh — Hivemind

Naomi Klein — On Fire

Maude Barlow — Whose Water is it Anyway?

Gordon Dillow — Fire in the Sky

Oliver Morton — The Moon

Darran Qualman — Civilization Critical

Dennis Lewycky — Magnificent Fight

Darrell Bricker & John Ibbitson — Empty Planet

Andrew Roberts — Churchill

Max Hastings — Vietnam

D’Arcy Jenish — The Making of the October Crisis

Bob Spitz — Reagan

Lawrence Burns — Autonomy

Mary Robinson — Climate Justice

Henry Giroux — American Nightmare

Joe Schwarcz — A Feast of Science

Ronan Farrow — War on Peace

Andrew Santella — Soon

Christian Davenport — Space Barons

David Frum — Trumpocracy

Niall Ferguson — The Square and the Tower

Adam Rutherford — A Brief History of Everyone Who Lived

Walter Isaacson — Leonardo da Vinci

Carol Off — All we Leave Behind

Chris Thomas — Inheritors of the Earth

Naomi Klein — No is not Enough

Al Franken — Al Franken

John Pihach — Mudeater

Mark Seidenberg — Language at the Speed of Sight

Peter MacLeod — Backs to the Wall

James Laxer — Staking Claim to a Continent

Peter Wilcox — Greenpeace Captain

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I am writing on behalf of Dr. Lorna McLean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. We would like to contact you more directly to discuss your possible participation in a history symposium we are organizing in the fall of 2014. Please feel free to email me at jlalo070@uottawa.ca and we can forward a formal invitation for your consideration.

  2. Mr. Henderson: I am sure you are a good teacher in your own capacity. It is good that you are alerting students using new media about important movements such as idle no more. There is a paradox here, though. This institution you teach in, Saint John’s R, is itself part of the legacy and currency of imperialism and colonialism. It is an English public school for gosh sake! It teaches competition, elitism, and the capitalist mode of production, as well as an ingrained sense of patriarchy. This person knows. I lived through physical abuse at this school. It is residential school for the rich, with the same goal – the reproduction of class. Violence is an implicit part of the S J R method.

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