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4 thoughts on “About

  1. I am writing on behalf of Dr. Lorna McLean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. We would like to contact you more directly to discuss your possible participation in a history symposium we are organizing in the fall of 2014. Please feel free to email me at jlalo070@uottawa.ca and we can forward a formal invitation for your consideration.

  2. Mr. Henderson: I am sure you are a good teacher in your own capacity. It is good that you are alerting students using new media about important movements such as idle no more. There is a paradox here, though. This institution you teach in, Saint John’s R, is itself part of the legacy and currency of imperialism and colonialism. It is an English public school for gosh sake! It teaches competition, elitism, and the capitalist mode of production, as well as an ingrained sense of patriarchy. This person knows. I lived through physical abuse at this school. It is residential school for the rich, with the same goal – the reproduction of class. Violence is an implicit part of the S J R method.

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