Book Reviews

Quinn Slobodian — Crack-up Capitalism

Andrew Amelinckx — Satellite Boy

Gabor Csepregi — Attitudes of Play

Sean Carroll — The Biggest Ideas in the Universe

William Leiss — Canada & Climate Change

James Naylor, Rhonda Hinther, & Jim Mochoruk (Eds) — For a Better World

Celia Haig-Brown — Tsqelmucwilc: The Kamloops Indian Residential School — Resistance and a Reckoning

Diana Preston — The Evolution of Charles Darwin

Hugh Brody — Landscapes of Silence

Christine M’Lot & Katya Adamov Ferguson — Resurgence

Gregory Forth — Between Ape and Human

Mike Berners-Lee — The Carbon Footprint of Everything

Dawn Morgan — Unsettled

Joe Miller — The Vaccine

Charlie Angus — Cobalt

Evelyn Forget — Radical Trust

Tomson Highway — Permanent Astonishment

Jody Wilson-Raybould. — Indian in the Cabinet

Clayton Thomas-Müller — Life in the of City of Dirty Water

Alex Renton — Blood Legacy

Jamie Swift & Eleanor Power — The Case for Basic Income

John Boyko — The Devil’s Trick

Mark Carney — Values

Alexandra Morton — Not on my Watch

Robert Boschman — White Coal City

Dammed — Brittany Luby

Ted Glenn — Embedded

James Raffan — Ice Walker

Janice Forsyth — Reclaiming Tom Longboat

Jeff Reuben — The Expendables

Claire Bond Potter — Political Junkies

Cynthia Levine-Rasky & Lida Kowalchuk — We Resist

Max Hamon — The Audacity of his Enterprise

Sheila Jones — Let the People Speak

John Mighton — All Things Being Equal

Edward Snowden — Permanent Record

Sara Rose Cavanaugh — Hivemind

Naomi Klein — On Fire

Maude Barlow — Whose Water is it Anyway?

Gordon Dillow — Fire in the Sky

Oliver Morton — The Moon

Darran Qualman — Civilization Critical

Dennis Lewycky — Magnificent Fight

Darrell Bricker & John Ibbitson — Empty Planet

Andrew Roberts — Churchill

Max Hastings — Vietnam

D’Arcy Jenish — The Making of the October Crisis

Bob Spitz — Reagan

Lawrence Burns — Autonomy

Mary Robinson — Climate Justice

Henry Giroux — American Nightmare

Joe Schwarcz — A Feast of Science

Ronan Farrow — War on Peace

Andrew Santella — Soon

Christian Davenport — Space Barons

David Frum — Trumpocracy

Niall Ferguson — The Square and the Tower

Adam Rutherford — A Brief History of Everyone Who Lived

Walter Isaacson — Leonardo da Vinci

Carol Off — All we Leave Behind

Chris Thomas — Inheritors of the Earth

Naomi Klein — No is not Enough

Al Franken — Al Franken

John Pihach — Mudeater

Mark Seidenberg — Language at the Speed of Sight

Peter MacLeod — Backs to the Wall

James Laxer — Staking Claim to a Continent

Peter Wilcox — Greenpeace Captain