Radical History: Women in Lower Canada, 1832

As we discussed in class, Canadian history is often told from the perspective of white men – the predominant writers of history in the last 200 years. But how does history change when we start asking different questions? Howard Zinn discusses this in his article What is Radical History, and suggests that if we ask questions from a different perspective, we find answers that have not been addressed before.


Photo from Rethinking Canada, 6th edition, by Gleason, Meyers, and Perry (2006).

What if we asked questions about the role of women in Canadian History? Let’s start!!

Here is an article by Bettina Bradbury entitled Women at the Hustings. It is an account of women’s participation inn the 1832 election in Montreal, which arguably, was one of the most contentious and violent in Canadian history. Not only was this about class, but certainly about gender.

What does this article suggest about the role of women in 1832 and what does it suggest about the doing of history in terms of including all perspectives?