The Role of Satire

Aristophanes via Notable Quotes.

Aristophanes via Notable Quotes.

With recent events in Paris and the debate over the role of satire, free speech, and hate laws, there has been a healthy interaction in the Winnipeg Free Press which looks at what satire is, firstly, and then whether it is critical to Canadian and global democracy.

St. John’s-Ravenscourt‘s very own Mr. Mark Duncan responded today in the Freep to a letter. The original letter, by Harry McFee, condemned the use of satire. Here is the letter written by Harry McFee:

Here is Mr. Duncan’s response this morning (scroll to the last letter):

Based on the debate between McFee and Duncan, where do you stand on the use of satire? How far can free speech be taken? When are Charter rights not absolute?

Here’s Rick Mercer’s latest rant. Is Ricks’s satire important to Canada’s democracy?

Good luck!